Step-by-Step Tutorial: Celestial Lips

By “Makeup by Romma”

Hey my loves!

I am sure your all are having a rocking day already. So here I am to rock it little more, with my new lip tutorial just for you. This look is inspired by the beautiful stars that brighten up our lives at night. So, here is the lip tutorial to add up a little more to your pretty face. This lip look goes great with as neutral eye makeup, especially for the evening parties. I am sure this little addition to your makeup will be enough to make you stand out in the crowd. So without any delays, let’s get started.

Step by Step Tutorial Celestial Lips final look

Step 1

Step-by-Step Tutorial Celestial Lips Step 1

To get that flawless and crack-less lip work, make it a habit of scrubbing and moisturizing your lips before your start working on them. It’s a must to achieve the desired look. Take a buffing brush and Studio Fix Foundation from Mac and apply to your face and lips.

Step 2

Step-by-Step Tutorial Celestial Lips Step 2

Outline your lips as per your wish; I have kept the lining as per my original lip line as I have got quite fuller lips, you can over line them if you have thinner lips.

Step 3

Step-by-Step Tutorial Celestial Lips Step 3

Fill in your lip corners with the same lip liner to give it a proper dark base for the colours to come up.

Step 4

Step-by-Step Tutorial Celestial Lips Step 5

Step-by-Step Tutorial Celestial Lips Step 4

Fill in the lips with a darker liquid matte lipstick; here I have used Vampire from LA Splash. Clean out the edged with an oval brush.

Step 5

Step-by-Step Tutorial Celestial Lips Step 6

Take a fan brush to apply the highlighter over the lips only on the centre of the upper and lower lip. Here I am using highlighter from Anastasia Beverly Hills in Gleam.

Step 6

Step-by-Step Tutorial Celestial Lips Step 7

Take a nail art pen and a metallic liquid lipstick to make uneven dots all over the lips as per your liking. Here I am using metallic liquid lipstick from LA Splash in Guadalupe.

Step 7

Step-by-Step Tutorial Celestial Lips Step 8

Take a black liner pen and encircle the dots unevenly, here I am using liner from Clinique.

Step 8

Step-by-Step Tutorial Celestial Lips Step 9

Take a glitter gel liner and apply over the circles. Here I am using Revlon Glitter Liner.

And here is the final look. You are all set to rock the night.
Step-by-Step Tutorial Celestial Lips Final look

Products used:
Step-by-Step Tutorial Celestial Lips Products

Mac Studio Fix Foundation
• A Buffing Brush
• An Oval Brush To Clear The Edges
Fan Brush
• Thin Foundation Brush
• A Nail Art Pen
Clinique Eye Liner In Black
• Anastasia Beverly Hills Highlighter In Gleam
• La Splash Lip Color In Guadalupe
Revlon Glitter Liner In Bronze
• NYX Lip Pencil In Brick House
• LA Splash Liquid Lipstick In Vampire

About the Makeup Artist:

I worship makeup and am totally mesmerized by the power of it. I am an Odisha based Makeup Artist. Totally live love makeup. I run a spa and am totally passionate about my work.
You can follow my work here:
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