How to Style Hair Extensions

How to Style Hair Extensions

Is there anyone who does not want luxurious, full, gorgeous hair? Well, gone are the days when you really had to work hard and wait for years and years to get the desired hair length. Today, anyone can easily change their hairstyle and bring in an instant change in the appearance without having to wait for months with ‘hair extensions’ .


Hair extensions aren’t just for people who want longer hair, they’re also great for adding body. These extensions can give beautiful volume and make anyone’s hair look luxuriously full within no time. Extensions of real human hair or synthetic blends can be clipped right into your hair, bonded in with glue or sewn in.

To make them look more natural and blended with your natural hair you need to treat the extensions like your own hair. Mentioned below are few styling tips that will help you style your extensions without damaging them.

• Before you start styling make sure that you are using alcohol-free styling products.


• Use paddle brushes with smooth bristles. When untangling your hair, make sure that you brush it gently, starting from the ends and going towards the top of your head.

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• Never ever use heated styling appliances like curling irons, flat irons and blow dryers on synthetic hair extensions. These can however be used on real hair extensions. Always do a test curl first, and use the lowest temperature level that is effective.

• Wash your clip in hair extensions with gentle shampoo and lukewarm water then use a conditioner and let your extensions air-dry. As far as glued or bonded hair extensions are concerned, use a really mild shampoo, preferably with a pH value no higher than pH7, and conditioner to wash them, or else they can fall out way before their estimated life span.

• Avoid over-use of styling products to prevent product build-up in your hair.

• If you have straight hair and want to wear a synthetic extension, add a little shine serum to your hair before applying the faux strands. This will help your real hair match the sheen of the extensions, since they tend to have a silky-plastic look to them. Remember that the style will look more natural when you incorporate real hair and the extensions together in an easy flow.


If you struggle to grow your natural hair then try out hair extensions to give your personality a new lift. Hair extensions give you an opportunity to try new hairstyles without getting fixed to one; these are also the best solution to cover up a bad haircut.

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  1. There is a huge market for these extensions in the US.. in India we are only aware of wigs… hehe
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