How to Look Stylish Wearing Capris

How to Look Stylish Wearing Capris

Cropped pants are a great alternative to shorts – which can be worn for chilly nights or dressy casual occasions. Though many women love to wear them, particularly in the warmer months yet capris and cropped pants are one of the hardest garments to get the right lean and stylish look from.


Here are some guidelines that will help you maintain a flattering silhouette with this trendy outfit.

• Stick to plain, straight-leg versions or say pieces that follow the natural leg line, if you decide to wear capris. If you like the look of wide trousers then go for a full leg and not capris. Wide leg openings make your legs look shorter, so keep them slim for a leg lengthening effect.

• Styles with flat front panels look more classy rather than pleated front panels. Avoid wearing capri pants that feature unflattering design details.

• Capris usually look good with a funky top tucked into your trousers. The bulkiness of the top adds a fun and easy look to the essemble. If you have a slim long waist, tuck your top into your trousers and look for a higher waist. If you have a shorter body or wider waist, then end your tops either at your hip bone or go for a longer mid-thigh tunic length top.


• When trying out capris make sure that your favoured piece ends at the slimmest part of your calves. For taller beauties the area below their calf muscle is the slimmest whereas for petites it may be just below their knee i.e. above the calf muscle.

• Wearing capris with heels if you really want to make an impact with this piece of clothing. For taller women, ballet flats can be worn as well as high heels and kitten heels. For petites, the perfect shoe is a pointed flat with a kitten heel. Ballet flats will create a “squat” look and ultra-high heels will look odd. Try mid-height peep toe in a neutral color for a casual look. People with shorter legs should opt for shoes without straps to give their legs a lengthening look.


• Think beyond the casual look for which capris are famous for. Capris can easily be dressed up to suit a variety of fashion tastes. For a smart casual outfit you can pair them up with a cardigan and collared shirt. Similarly team them up with a flowing blouse, necklaces and heels to create a date-worthy outfit.

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