Sunban Ultra Gel Review

Hi everybody!
Doing good in this scorching heat? Well, I am not! Anyway, today I am going to review a sunscreen gel that I bought last to last month! Without wasting much time, let’s get started with the review and see if it’s a hit or a miss!

Sunban Ultra Gel

Price: 395/-

Quantity: 60gm

Shelf Life: 2 years.

Ingredients and Usage:

Sunban Ultra Gel

My Take On Sunban Ultra Gel:

It is a cylindrical white bottle with a transparent cap and a small pump system which you need for getting the product out of that bottle. The bottle is very much travel friendly, the transparent cap is pretty tight.

Coming to its consistency, it is light and runny, not that thick. It has a refreshing lime smell which I like a lot. The smell reminds me of liril soap bar 😛 haha! Though it’s named gel, it doesn’t feel like gel at all. It feels like a normal cream that has an oily after-feel. You will be needing only a small amount since it spreads evenly and nicely on skin.

Sunban Ultra Gel

Since I have oily skin, it didn’t suit me at all. It’s not water-proof either. Unfortunately I sweat a lot and within half an hour, all of the sunscreen that I apply gets washed away! It also feels a bit heavy on my skin after applying but the feel fades off after a short period of time, leaving a thin oily film on skin which I don’t like at all! It left my skin totally oily after about an hour.

Sunban Ultra Gel

Sunban Ultra Gel

One plus point about this sunscreen is its SPF which is 31! Pretty high! Great for those who loves rock climbing or trekking since doctor prescribe them to use a sunscreen that has SPF above 25/26 or so! I am guessing it’s good for dry or normal skin since it didn’t suit my oily skin. It has PA+++ rating, which is the highest PA rating known to the world! For people out there who are knew to this PA thing (PA stands for protection Grade for UVA), it’s nothing but a sign used to actually rate the UVA protection level of a sunscreen whereas SPF is all about UVB protection! It also doesn’t contain any harmful chemical which is great!

Coming to the pump system, it’s something that I didn’t like. It’s pretty tight I would say. If you pump it lightly, it won’t budge! If you pump it hard, a large amount of product would come out lie there on your palm! All you will be doing next is opening the main cap and putting the excess cream inside the bottle which would turn out to be extremely messy. So you need to be very careful while using the pump which is time consuming (at least for me!).

Overall, I didn’t like the product, didn’t suit my skin type.

Pros Of Sunban Ultra Gel:

• High SPF and PA+++.
• No harmful chemicals.
• Travel friendly bottle.
• Nice smell.
• Easy availability.
• Can be used for rock climbing or trekking.

Cons Of Sunban Ultra Gel:

• Not waterproof.
• Not suitable for oily skin.
• Leaves a greasy film on skin.
• Feels heavy on skin.
• Messy pumping system.
• Made my skin oily.
• A bit pricey (to me, it is).

IMBB Rating: 2.5/5

Would I Recommend/Repurchase Sunban Ultra Gel?
People with dry or normal skin can definitely go for this but I would not recommend this to someone who has oily skin! Maybe I would like to try this again during winters when my skin gets really dry and dehydrated!

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  1. Hello
    I have oily to combination doctor suggested me to use this lotion but my skin becomes oily soon even though I use loreal hydrafresh sebum control gel and hydrafresh face wash with vlcc depigmentation day cream, I just wonder is it this lotion or I have wrong skin care product that’s causing pimples. Please help..

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