Taboos About Tampons that Need to be Broken

We all are familiar with the word, “tampons”, while those who are still not, I would like to explain what tampons exactly are. A tampon is a mass of absorbent material, used by females and also considered as a personal hygiene product. The word tampon, originated from tampon, which means a piece of cloth used to stop a hole. This gave rise to tampons that is designed to directly insert in the vagina, during menstrual cycle. Tampons are also known as medical device because it easily absorbs the menstrual flow. Have a look at some taboos about tampons in India, which are completely incorrect and needs to be broken right now.

Tampons Taboos

Woman Using Tampons Is No More Virgin:

Tampons Taboos 2

Basically, a person who still thinks about tampons being responsible for losing her virginity is absolutely wrong. A girl tends to lose virginity, only after she had a sexual intercourse with a person. The vagina tends to expand the same way, when you are attending gym, cycling often or going under dance practice, which it does while inserting tampons? So, you are not loosing any virginity, if using tampons.

Tampons Are Not Easily Available in India, Is It?

Tampons Taboos 3

Tampons are one of the most modern products recommended for every woman to be used for personal hygiene. Tampons are available in India and you can easily buy them from any shopping centers or local market. There are chances to find them even in medical store. However, tampons are not much advertised in India, just like how Stayfree or Whisper were.

You Fret If It Gets Stuck There:

Tampons Taboos 4

However, 99% tampon does not stick there and there are only 1% of women, who have experience this case. However, doctors have advised tampons can be easily taken out, when you pull it out gently. If this gets worst and you think, tampons can bloat inside, you can contact the nearest gynecologist.

Tampons Can Cause STD:

Tampons Taboos 5

Tampons do not cause STD or any such diseases. STD is caused only, when you have unprotected sex with a person, who is suffering from STD. Using tampons do not cause any such diseases and obviously you are not using it, after a girl has already used it.

Tampons Are Gross:

Tampons Taboos 6

Tampons are the most hygienic product compared to the other sanitary products that are used during menstrual cycle. It is a little piece, which will just require little space and are also extremely light in weight. About trashing tampons, they are easily decomposable by just flushing in the toilet.

You Need To Remove Tampons Each Time You Want To Pee:

Tampons Taboos 7

Tampons are basically inserted into vagina, from where you do not pee. Urine comes through the urethra and stool, when you defecate, it is through the anus. Tampon goes between vagina, which is between urethra and anus. The fact is untrue that you always need to remove tampons, while every time you pee.

However, 70% of girls from United States believed that talking about menstrual cycle with boys was not good and 20% of girls did not believe in speaking about menstruation cycle with their fathers. The menstrual taboo differs according to different religions and beliefs in India.

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11 thoughts on “Taboos About Tampons that Need to be Broken

  1. Hahahah about time someone wrote about this. The ‘hymen dilemma ‘ XD They ahouls make more brands of tampons available here. People are also talking about the menstrual cup nowdays – prevents menstrual waste caused by sanitary napkins.

  2. Ask any indian mom how will she react if her unmarried daughter told her she is wearing a tampon. Hehehee… Her reaction? Priceless!

    I word of caution though- always always choose a tampon of slightly lower absorbancy than your need. This is the only way you can avoid tss and drying out.
    If you already use tampons, consider switching to menstrual cups. They are a lot safer than tampons, plus you help the environment.

  3. I am still skeptical about using it although I find it should be better than pads. May be someday I gather courage to finaly ‘push it in’… :p

  4. There is a health hazard with tampons caused by bacteria Staphylococcus aureus….. It is called Toxic Shock syndrome… Rare but very serious…Thats why many doctors discourage its use esp in our country due to poor hygeine conditions among many women

  5. Well written article, however I hope you follow about about a article which also highlights the -ve effects of using tampons. As this post just addresses tampons taboos in India, I understand why you have not mentioned the afforementioned here.

  6. To all M&B beautyes, its high time we give tampons a try… the freedom of doing any physical activity even during periods is PRiceless!! M not here promoting tampons, but trust me its blissful.

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