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Most of us work out and these workouts are meant for our body, but what do we do for our face? Apart from makeup, of course! 😛 Yes, there is a thing called ‘Face Gym’ where everything surrounds your facial muscles and exercises revolve around your face only. In today’s post, let’s find out more about it!

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What Exactly Is Face Gym?

There are gyms in the world which are meant only for your face. Quite amusing, right? It was for me. Our face has roughly 50-57 muscles. Some of them we use to smile, frown and to make other facial expressions. With time as we do not concentrate especially on the face, these muscles tend to sag. Sagging results in aging which makes us look old. So, if you take care of your face from early on, you will be able to have a flawless face without the use of too much makeup for the longest time.

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How It Is Done?

As I told you, there are professional centers or gyms where a trainer works on all your facial muscles to give it a firmer look. It works by increasing muscle fibers through muscle resistance training. A professional session can be 30-45 minutes long. One session with a professional may include all these procedures or some of them according to the condition of your face.

Isometric Facial Exercises
These exercises contract and relax the facial muscles to increase their strength.

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Cheek Lift
Cheek lift prevents the sagging of your cheek area, gives you a lifted cheeks look, and also helps with better facial expressions by working on different muscles.

Forehead Exercises
To help with the forehead wrinkles and also give you a younger looking face.

Facial Aerobics
To engage all your facial muscles and giving you a radiant glow by increasing the blood flow to the face area.

Breathing Techniques
Your trainer will tell you how breathing helps to give a healthier glow to the skin.

Double Chin
As the name suggests, to get rid of that awkward double chin.

All About Face Gym

To give you that beautiful jawline!

To have a spotless eye area including more awakened eyes. No more under eye bags and wrinkles!

Benefits of Facial Gym

1. These exercises replenish and strengthen the facial muscles.
2. Facial exercises help to increase the blood supply to the face area which results in the formation of younger skin cells.
3. This is like a facelift, but without the use of any invasive procedures like Botox.
4. You will notice a considerable change in your face after just one session like firmer and younger looking skin.
5. Facial exercises also stimulate the production of collagen, so there is a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles too.
6. Face becomes clearer with less spots and pimples.

At-Home Exercises

Not every one of us is up for trying new things. For those people you can do these exercises at home for a younger and firmer looking face. Starting by warming up, move your neck in up and down positions keeping your spine straight. Now, I will tell you exercises for different areas of your face:

Place all your fingers on both sides of the forehead. Stretch your forehead. In the meantime, move your eyebrows in up and down motion. Repeat 10-20 times.

All About Face Gym

Close one eye at a time. Keep one eye close and other opened like doing a wink. Repeat this 20 times for each eye to work on all your eye area at once.

I like this one the most. Keep your face straight. Open your mouth and make the alphabet “O”. Then, change the position and say “E”. Repeat this 20 times.

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Place three fingers on the top of your right cheek. Press down, hold for 5 seconds and smile. Do the same to your left cheek.

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  2. Vandu, your posts are known to bring new concepts with loads of info. Awesome is the word for this post. 😀

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