7 Things You Should Never Do To Impress A Man

Hi ladies,

Love can make people crazy and can make them behave in a certain way that is very different from their real self. We girls are no different. We also do things that should be completely avoided and should not be done while trying to impress a guy. Let us find out about some of those things.

Things You Should Never Do To Impress A Man

Act Like A Man:Things You Should Never Do To Impress A Man 2

Being a tomboy is okay, but being a girl and acting like a boy all the time is not. Also, pretending that you like sports and all his never ending video games is not necessary. He may be into sports but you may be into fashion, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Act Dumb:
Some girls think it is necessary to act all shy and coy, while impressing a guy. They think that guys like girls, who are not smarter than them. Let me tell you it was never the case. If a girl is head strong, smart and independent, a boy will fall head over heels in love with that girl in no time.

Piles of Makeup:Things You Should Never Do To Impress A Man 3

Makeup empowers a girl, but it can never be used to hide the insecurities within you. We all love make up but decking up all the time just to impress him, is wrong. You should be comfortable in your own skin and wear as much makeup as you want, because YOU like it and not because a guy might like you on it.

Dressing Up in Skimpy Clothes:
Showing too much skin and wearing skimpy outfits all the time when you are out with a guy is probably not a good idea. A little mystery in the relationship is always a good idea.

Flirting with Other Guys:Things You Should Never Do To Impress A Man 4

Some girls play hard to get and think that flirting with his friends and other guys might get them the guy’s attention. Actually, this act of yours will make him think that you are not interested in him and not otherwise.

Giggling Constantly For No Reason:
Okay admit it, we hate it too. Imagine a girl giggling constantly on the guy’s not so good one liners, just because she wants to impress him. Trust me, it is very irritating. Laugh your heart out (he might fall in love with your smile) when he says something funny and not on every word he says.

Lose Your Sense of Self:Things You Should Never Do To Impress A Man 5

Girl do not lose yourself in the process of trying to impress a guy. Leave subtle hints and if he does not pick up the hints, then confess your feelings. Do not lose your peace of mind over anything.

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