15 Tips and Tricks for a Perfect Blow Dry at Home

Hello ladies,

I hope you all are doing great. 🙂 Today I am writing about some tips and trick that one can incorporate to achieve a perfect blow dry. Blow drying and hair straightening have become important parts of every woman’s daily routine. Blow drying makes hair look voluminous, bouncy and healthy. So, let’s get started:

It is very important that one shouldn’t end up damaging their hair while blow drying. Therefore there are certain things that one should keep in mind while blow-drying their hair.

1. One should use a heat protecting spray/mist.
2. Keep the heat setting at a lower temperature.
3. One must not blow dry their hair too long as it may damage their hair.
4. Keep the blow dryer at least 6 to 10 inches away from the hair.

steps for blow dry

5. Make sure that you air dry your hair and then use the blow dryer as it causes lesser damage if your hair is air dried.


sections for blow dry

6. It is very important for one to divide their hair into small partitions and then blow dry their hair. Always start blow drying from the crown of your head and then move downwards. Move the blow dryer from top to bottom and never blow-dry one particular section for a long time as it may damage your hair and make it brittle.

7. To achieve the perfect blow dry, one must use the right kind of brush. I would recommend a flat brush for short hair and a boar bristle round brush or a ceramic boar bristle round brush for long hair.

8. One must use the right blow dryer which is suitable for their hair type. I would recommend a blow dryer which ranges between 1400-1800 watts.

blow drying with nozzle

9. One must always use the concentrator nozzle/attachment which is provided with the blow dryer as it helps the airflow to reach your hair directly. Focus the nozzle from upwards and work your way toward the end of your hair.

10. Use the vented boar bristle round brush or a boar bristle brush to twirl the ends of your hair.

11. Always use the cool blow dry setting at the end of the blow dry for a minute or two as it sets up the blow dry and also provides extra shine to the hair.

12. One can use an ionic blow dryer as it works fast and uses lesser heat.

13. One can use the diffuser attachment to perfectly define wavy hair.

14. Blow drying hair upside down can add volume to the hair.


15. At the end of the blow dry, you can use a hairspray to add shine and volume, and to enhance the texture of your hair.

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