Top Ten Purple Must-Haves For Women

Top Ten Purple Must-Haves For Women

A symbol of royal grandeur, a representation of spirituality and an emblem of exotic beauty; are you wondering what am I talking about? Well, try to recollect the shade which used to color the robes of kings and queens and if you are still confused, let me give you some more hints- it is the color of a rich amethyst or even the exotic plum! Indeed it is the color “PURPLE.”

Top Ten Purple Must Haves For Women

About the color purple:

Purple is a rich color which is often associated with sophistication, mysticism, creativity, mystery and luxury. Perhaps it is one of those rare gorgeous colors which combine spirituality with sensuality. A color, that is known to induce peace of mind and yet fill you with exotic charm, is often a favorite of adolescent girls, young sophisticated ladies and creative personalities. Now, that purple is a favorite color of many a woman like me, in this article, I would like to tell you of the top ten gorgeous purple things which every women should have.


Top 10 Purple Must-Haves For Women:

1. Purple Saree:  Every Indian woman loves to drape herself in a gorgeous saree. What else can make her happier than a rich purple saree to make her look sophisticated, enigmatic, dignified and beautiful at the same time? Pick a purple saree, preferably in a single shade which has an elegant sheen of its own and pair it with pearls, white stones or silver jewellery to steal the show!

Purple Saree

Saree- Garden Vareli
Price- Around Rs 850

2. Purple Sweater:  Winter is the time when you can go out with friends and family and enjoy! The sun is so pleasant and you wouldn’t mind looking pretty in a sweater which is comfortable to wear, simple to look at and yet feels elegant to sport! Here comes another must-have in a woman’s wardrobe and that is none but a purple sweater. I love sweaters in single pastel shades and my purple sweater is definitely my favorite.

Purple Sweater

Sweater- Pantaloons
Price:  Around Rs 700

3. Purple Kurti:  Conduct a poll on wardrobe must-haves and a “kurti” is something which will be a common answer, whether you ask a frivolous teenaged girl or a happily settled mother of two! Actually, kurtis are always so comfortable to wear and very often, it is accepted as a “decent” wear even in the most conservative families. Lay your hands on a plum-colored kurti and I am sure that it will be a prized possession of yours.


Kurti- Westside
Price- Around Rs 700

4. Purple Top:  Call it a top or a shirt, a lilac colored outfit to be worn with your favorite pair of jeans can really add a different dimension to your entire appearance! Its sheer elegance and simplicity is a perfect compliment to your personality, whether you are an introvert or an extrovert!


Shirt- Westside
Price- Rs 400 approximately

5. Purple Shoes:  Is there a single woman who is not crazy about shoes? Whether she expresses it or not, each and every woman cherishes the desire to possess at least as many shoes as the number of outfits she has in her wardrobe! However, it is always a pair in black or off-white shades for us to settle upon as “essentials” as they are “safe” colors. Now, coming to colors, why not try out something to make your feet look gorgeous? Whether it is a pair of seductive stilettos or cute belles, purple is the color which is forever pretty!

Purple Shoes

Shoes- Random purchase from New Market area, Kolkata
Price- About Rs. 200

6. Purple Bags:  A woman is incomplete without her bags and so, never forget to pair your purple shoes with a striking purple bag. Now, whether you want a clutch purse or a mobile phone pouch, a jhola or a leather bag is your own sweet will. Get it embroidered or plain, a purple bag is always handsome!

Mobile Pouch

Mobile pouch- Satyanarayan A.C. Market, Kolkata
Price- Around Rs. 150

7. Purple Nail Polish:  Nails make a woman’s hands look so appealing and thus, you should never forget to paint them in bright and vivid hues. With so many brands and colors available, do justice to your nails and purple is one of those singularly striking colors which you can sport on your own wedding day as well as your friend’s wedding day with equal charm!

Purple Nail Polish

Nail polish- Oriflame Pure Color.
Product code- 23166
Price- Rs. 159

8. Purple Lipstick:  Make your lips look lovely in a purple lipstick. The color is easily available in many of the lipstick brands in the market. Make sure you invest in a dark shade of plum to make your lips look wow! Never worry if you are fair or dark, purple colored lips look beautiful for both skin tones.

Purple Lipstick

Lipstick- Oriflame Visions.
Product code- 5094
Price – Rs. 79

9. Purple Lip Gloss:  Purple lip glosses are an absolute must have. Sweep it on your lips after applying lipstick or wear it directly on your nude lips to make your lips look like lavender flowers, washed in rains!

Purple Lip Gloss

Lip gloss- Oriflame (Blackberry Punch)
Product code- 15267
Price- Rs. 279

10. Purple Ornaments/Accessories:  Whether it is a hair clip or some bangles, ear rings or pendant, get that amethyst touch to accentuate your looks!


Bangles and Hair clip- Random picks
Price- Rs. 30 approximately (bangle set).
Rs. 50 approximately (hair clip).

This is my idea of a perfect purple must-have kit for women! What’s yours?

P.S. This article is based entirely on my personal idea of purple must-have things for women. The prices of objects are only approximate values. They might vary and the prices are quoted according to the time of their purchase, which might be years ago!

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33 thoughts on “Top Ten Purple Must-Haves For Women

  1. wooow 🙂 very nice post somreet 🙂 My fav color is purple 🙂 and I’ve bought a purple silk saree for my engagement 🙂

    1. aww…..never mind!!!! if u feel its doesnt suit you, im sure u can get a toned down shade with more f a pinkish shade 🙂

  2. My favourite color is blue.but never thought purple can look so charming..Now i wanna buy a simple purple silk sare 🙂 🙂

  3. Somreeta, purple is my favourite color. In school, I used to even have purple pencil box, eraser, bag, and what not….:)

    1. even i love it!!! u wont believe i got a Neon pink huge bag and i love to take it wenever im wearing my purple tops 🙂

  4. I had worn a purple saree (with blue border and completely embroidered) for my wedding reception… Its a such a gorgeous saree, I love it a lot… I had picked it the moment I was shown the saree in the shop. 🙂

    1. Ashu…purple sarees r so hard to resist!!! today i went shopping…yay!!!! was n the verge of picking another f those purple sarees…….bt controlled myself as it was sooooooooooooooooo expensive 🙁 !!! 😛

  5. I can never get enough of purples… I love grapevine or deep purple the most among the family of purples.. I recently purchased my first purple pumps.. and I love them 🙂 🙂

  6. i love purple too…….. have so many purples 🙂 this is a really cool post..

    here is my list- all in purple

    2 tops
    some jewelery including beaded necklaces and earrings and bangles
    Purple strap watch – which i wear very often.
    2 chiffon sarees
    purple lipgloss

    1. thanx Leez!!! like most other gals, i have a fascination for long nails and painting them in gorgeous colors! 😀

  7. amazing post 🙂
    i really like all things purple 🙂
    i love ur nails .. wow… the nailpaint looks heavenly on them:)
    i have most of the things from ur post… except saree n lipstick.. too young to have a saree… 😛
    right now im on the lookout for a perfect purple eyeliner 😛

    1. thanx Poorva 🙂 im sure u cannot be so young as to not wear a purple saree 🙂 even if u r in school, just get one f them! u know, i got my 1st daree whn i was in class 11 🙂 for a family function! hehe…i think Maybelline, Colorbar and Oriflame has purple eyeliner amaong other brands 😀

  8. I feel purple melts beauuuuuutifully on dusky skin, though purple is my favourite, whenever I tried , the saree or the tops they went well, but the lippies went off with Halloween show at its best, tried with a softer tone, came out like Colgate white toothpaste directly applied o lips. Fair skinned people should very very careful with purple or violet makeup

    1. ya…actually the color Purple is so bright that you need to be very confident to carry it n ur lips. i think a purple gloss is a safer option 🙂

    1. hey scribble! i had a lovely jumbo purple bag which was gifted to me by my frnd 🙂 bt i used it sooooooooooooo much that it is spoiled now and dint think it rite to put the pic. so, put the mobile pouch instead 😀 hehe!

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