Tvam Rose Face Pack Review

Tvam Rose Face Pack Review

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In today’s world, people are more informed about the harmful effects of chemicals used in skin care products and cosmetics. Everyone is leaning towards natural products and are trying to avoid products with harmful chemical ingredients. Many brands are coming up with products containing natural ingredients. TVAM is one such company that makes products that are made with high quality natural ingredients.

Tvam Rose Face Pack Review

Product Description:

Rose Face Pack is an exotic mix of herbs which is anti-ageing and extremely beneficial for sensitive, dry and mature skin. Apply rose face pack on face, neck, shoulders, arms and hands to rejuvenate and deep condition your skin, get rid of dryness and to give your skin strength and elasticity.


Rose 5%, Neem, Orange, Lemon, Sandalwood, Fuller’s Earth, Indian Berberry or Tree Turmeric, Turnip and Tulsi.

How To Use:

Cleanse your face with a Tvam face wash and dry. Use a teaspoon of the face pack and make a thin paste with some water, rose water, cucumber water or milk depending on your skin type. Apply the pack on your face, neck or all over your body avoiding the eyes. Let it dry completely. Wash thoroughly, pat dry, apply any tvam lotion or cream (do not massage) all over the face at any time of the day.

Tvam Rose Face Pack


INR 648.66 for 150 gm.  I got it for around INR 400 in some offer.

My Experience with Tvam Rose Face Pack:

I like natural skin care products over chemical ones. I so wanted to try the Tvam products when Nupur reviewed one of their face scrubs here.  I got a chance to purchase some of the TVAM products from Fashion & You on offer price. I ordered a face wash, rose face pack and cleanser. They said that the face wash was out of stock and sent me only the face pack and the cleanser. On the rose face pack and he cleanser, there was no mention about “MRP, manufactured date or  Use Before” dates.  I was not happy with that, as products like this will not have much shelf life.  Anyway, the product looked okay and I started using them.

Rose face Pack is a finely milled powder in pale pink color. It comes in a plastic pet jar. It has a very pleasant rose fragrance that is so relaxing. The rose fragrance is not at all artificial or overwhelming. I have a dry-combination skin. I picked this face pack as it was meant for dry skin.

Since it is finely milled, it is a little difficult to mix it with water/rose water. You can imagine mixing corn flour with water. Its almost like that. So, I use thick milk to make a paste and that solves the problem to an extent.


I don’t make a thick paste. Just the right consistency to spread on easily. After using a face scrub, I apply the pack over my face and neck and leave it on for 15-20 minutes.  Unlike some face packs, this does not pull the skin after drying. It washes off easily. The smell of it is so relaxing and calming that I feel refreshed after washing it off.

Generally some packs make the skin feel very tight after rinsing it off, but I did not face that problem with this one. I follow it with a mild moisturizer. One of my cousin sisters used it and she liked the effect too.

It makes the skin feel brighter, smoother and supple. My T-zone generally becomes oily pretty soon. It reduces my T0-zone becoming oily for a couple of days after use.

Pros of Tvam Rose Face Pack:

  • Does not contain harmful chemicals or preservatives.
  • Contains natural ingredients.
  • Very refreshing rose fragrance.
  • Makes skin bright and soft.
  • Does not dry out the skin.
  • Does not irritate the skin or cause breakouts.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin as well.

Cons of Tvam Rose Face Pack:

  • Little on the pricier side.
  • Not easily available, needs to be ordered online.
  • Does not help in reducing white heads.

Final Thought:

This is the first product I tried from Tvam and I am quite happy with it. I tend to use this more often than my other face packs. I wish they would release these type of packs in smaller sizes at a lesser price so that we can try more such packs.

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19 thoughts on “Tvam Rose Face Pack Review

  1. i have been tempted many a time with this brand on FnU but never bought it..thanks for the review. for oily/combination mix i should mix it with milk or cucumber water I think..

  2. name itself says all about d product…. 🙂 🙂

    review is very nicely put Karpagam 😀

    does it really reduce the T-zone oiling for few days?

    1. Thanks Sanghati. Btw I like your name 🙂
      My t-zone gets shinier soon and It reduces the t-zone oiliness for couple of days.

  3. The price has discouraged me from buying this face pack…but will buy sometime…all Tvam products are expensive…nice review! 🙂

  4. I love rose packs and more so when it is a natural one. Nupur had given me a sample of this face pack and I lovvved it 🙂

  5. No what i meant is .. even if one buys real roses powder and cosmetic grade herbal powders which is listed in this face pack like neem and fullers earth [ nothing but multani mitti]… even if one buys 25 gm of each of those powders still one gets 250 gms of 10 ingredients and it ‘ll no where total up to 600 . These fancy companies are selling our own herbs at rip off prices and then they don’t even give a sturdy fancy packing, a seal to make it tamper proof ?

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