Street Wear Nail Color in Pluto’s 10 Review

Street Wear Nail Color in Pluto’s 10 Review

Hi all….

I am giving a try on reviewing nail color. I am not sure if this post is up to the mark, first time reviewing a nail color.

Ok, so, Street Wear Nail Color in Pluto’s 10. This nail color comes in a traditional Street Wear bottle. A flat square glass bottle with a plastic cap and a brush for application.

The brand name Street Wear itself gives you a picture that its nail colors are in square-edged bottles, either short cubes or flat square ones. I don’t like these bottles. There is scope for packaging to be made classier.

I usually use light pinks and peaches on my nails, was bored of the same old colors. So, went in search of some other shade. I asked for a skin color and the SA showed me this. I didn’t even ask for any other color and without a word, picked this up.

Street Wear Nail Color Pluto’s 10 Review, Swatch

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The brush is of good quality and application is easy. The brush glides nicely and the whole job of application turns out to be neat.


Street Wear Nail Color Pluto’s 10 brush

The enamel has a glossy finish and dries pretty soon.

Street Wear Nail Color

A single coat of this color does not give you a full color. It is a little translucent with just one coat application. The second coat gives a full color on the nail. However, the quality of this nail color is good.


It does not chip for even about a week or more, but begins to fade from the tip of the nails after about 4 days.

skin coloured nail paint

I like this skin-colored enamel very much. For the past one month, I am stuck to only this one color :), seems like it might go well along with all skin colors, (I am fair skinned) and yeah… costs Rs. 90 for 9 ml.






– Great shade for all those who are not comfortable with bright colors.
– Good quality paint.
– Does not chip.
– Dries out soon after applying on the nails.
– Gives a glossy finish to the nails.
– Brush quality is good, easy to use and applies the color neatly.
– Full color with a minimum of 2 coat application.


– Glass bottle. Handle with care.
– Not so interesting kind of packaging.
– Single coat application does not give full color.
– Begins to fade pretty soon (in about 4 days).

Seems like this is going to be my favorite from the collection I possess.

IMBB Rating:

I give it a 4/5 rating.

Will I Repurchase:

YES, YES, I will buy different shades from this range of nail color.

See you all……for now,


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9 thoughts on “Street Wear Nail Color in Pluto’s 10 Review

  1. the color is too pale for me..:( but on a brighter note i like the red background behind the nailpolish..shows off the color very well..almost makes me wanna buy some salwars/kurtas in that combo 😆

  2. The color is really similar to one of my oriflame (vision) nail paints.The ori one is called pink blush.I use it regularly since applying nail paints in not allowed in my college n a single coat of dis one doesnt show up on my nails.

  3. I might just get this soon…I hope…it’s like the stores around me magically go out of stock on the things I want. :headbang:
    Great review!~ :thumbsup: :thanks:

  4. It’s my kind of colour! Will defnly look for it. Actually I thought I had a nailpolish called pluto from streetwhere’s old collection as well, but that was more grey, so I guess Im wrong!

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