Uses of Hair Conditioner Other Than Hair Conditioning!

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Having trouble finishing up all those bottles of conditioners? Fret not, in today’s post I will enlighten you all about the alternate uses of hair conditioner which are really great and work well too. Read on to know about them.

Uses of Hair Conditioner Other Than Hair Conditioning!4

As A Cuticle Softener

Uses of Hair Conditioner Other Than Hair Conditioning!2

Our good ol’ Vaseline can do this effectively and so can our conditioner! Just rub it in and around your nails when going to bed and it will really soften the edges perfectly.

To Remove Bandages and Temporary Tattoos

Bandages could pain a lot while removing. Just apply dollop of conditioner on it and your bandage will come off easily and you can do the same with temporary tattoos too.

To Clean Makeup Brushes

Uses of Hair Conditioner Other Than Hair Conditioning!

Take a bowl with warm water, your usual brush cleanser and add 1 spoon of hair conditioner to it. Wash as usual. Your brushes would be as clean and soft as new.

To Wash Lingerie and Delicates

Conditioner works as a fabric conditioner on your delicates. Just add 2 tbsp of conditioner to your wash bucket and enjoy the soft and fresh smelling delicates of yours.

As A Shaving Cream

Uses of Hair Conditioner Other Than Hair Conditioning!3

You don’t want to use a store-bought shaving cream or you are out of one? Fret not, the conditioner bottle lying around in your bathroom will do the same trick and that too more effectively.

Unshrink A Sweater

So what if you shrunk your woolen sweater, it will probably be able to come to its original form after this trick! Add a dollop of conditioner to a bucket filled with warm water. Put the sweater in. Leave it overnight. Take it out, squeeze out the extra water and stretch it. Hang it to dry.

Detangle Your Hair

Uses of Hair Conditioner Other Than Hair Conditioning!5

Add leave-in conditioner and water in the ratio of 1:8 in a spray bottle. Spray and use a comb to work the tangles out from your roots down.

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