Different Beauty Uses of Blusher

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How’s summer treating you all?  I am sure you all must be enjoying the season of bright colors, flowers and vacation.

Today, I am going to share  different uses of colorful beauty product ‘Blush’. Blush enhances the beauty of cheeks. With the skin shade we are blessed with, we need to choose the right shade of blush. But sometimes, we do end up buying the products which might not suit our skin tone. But tada!! No need to throw the shade of blush which is of no use to your cheeks, try using them in the following ways:


1. Use it as an eye shadow:

Yes, I have personally done this. Don’t worry if the blush doesn’t do much for your cheeks, try it as a eyeshadow or blend it with different colors or use singly on the lids.

blusher as eyeshadow

2. Use it as a lip gloss:
Yes, you read it right. All you need is Vaseline for this. Mix the blush with Vaseline. Apply it on your lips. Wow, you will be happy with your glossy lips. 😉

3. Use it as a lip color:
You need eye cream for this trick. Mix the blush with eye cream and yes you have a matte lip color which will look amazing on your lips.You could also use a shimmer blush to enhance the pout by applying it in the center of the lips.You could also use a matte blush to mattify a matching lipstick.


4. Use it as a customized nail color:
Take the blush powder and mix it with clear/ transparent nail color. A customized nail paint is what you end up with. Apply it on your pretty nails and voila, shaded nails are ready.

5. Application on forehead:
This is a bliss for pale skinned beauties. Applying blush on forehead (very less quantity) makes face appear brighter.A large forehead could use a darker blush to contour the sides of the forehead to make it look smaller, basically shadow out the parts of the face you want to hide, with a darker blush.

6. Use it to hide the double chin:
Worried / not so happy with the double chin? Never mind, you dab just a little amount of a darker blush along your chin, instantly, you’ll see that there is no double-chin anymore!


7. Use it cover those blemishes and scars:
When you do not have a concealer handy, apply a blush on the cheeks, this will at least conceal the pale or dull skin and blemishes to some extent.

8. Use it to blend the tan line :
Summer and tan are like ram – lakhan. 😛 If you want to hide those tan lines, just apply the blush and blend it with the tan line.

9: Last tip and a daring one
Apply blush on the cleavage to highlight it when you are wearing deep neck outfits. This will draw attention and it will increase your hotness factor. 😉 Try to use an iridescent blush with some shine to it.

Hope you guys found these tips useful. Take care and enjoy the summers.

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