Veet Hair Removal Cream Naturals For Sensitive Skin Review

With the onset of summers in North India, its time to pull out the se*y short dresses and sleeveless tops but with that you need to be careful about any unwanted hair growth. I am obsessed with dresses so I have to pay regular visits to the parlor but sometimes the visit is not possible hence I always keep the depilatory creams as back up. Though these creams should not be used very often but once in a while they do no harm. Let’s take a look at one of the hair removing creams by Veet.


Product Description:


Precautions / Ingredients:


It comes in a white coloured plastic tube with the same coloured screw cap. There are hints of pink and green on the tube which adds a lot of colour to my bathroom and I quite like it. There is also a hot pink coloured spatula provided with the tube which works effectively. The curvaceous spatula infact is a good concept because you can use both of its sides, one for spreading and the other for removing the cream. A detailed instruction leaflet also comes along in 6 different languages. I find the packaging to be travel friendly.




Price/ Quantity: INR 100 for 60gms

My Take On Veet Hair Removal Cream Naturals For Sensitive Skin:

The first thing I noticed on the cover was that it contained Camellia Seed Oil. A little search on the internet made me aware of the numerous beauty benefits which this oil provided. It is nothing but Tea Oil which is extracted from tea leaves. The oil is anti microbial, anti inflammatory, anti allergic and is an excellent emollient. This was enough to convince me and I applied the cream on my legs . It is a white coloured cream with the consistency on the thicker side. However there is no problem in spreading the cream.


Unlike the earlier launched variants, this one does not smell bad. On the contrary, it has a mild fragrance. After 5-7 minutes of application, it does not exude a pungent smell which is such a relief. Most of the hair removing creams makes me nauseous because of the strong chemical(ish) smell. This cream fared very well on the smell part.


I had to keep it on for a good 7 minutes and after doing a small patch test which confirmed the hair had come off, I cleaned the entire area. There was no irritation, rashes, itching or burning. Infact, my skin felt very smooth. I don’t use depilatory creams on a regular basis hence can’t comment on skin darkening issues. If you use it once in a while, definitely there would be no darkening of the skin. The skin remains hair free for a good 7 days which for me is good enough( just to mention, I have meager hair growth).


Summarizing the pros and cons,

Pros of Veet Hair Removal Cream Naturals for Sensitive Skin:

  •  Claims to be a natural variant and devoid of chemicals.
  •  The fragrance is mild which infact is pleasant.
  •  No skin irritation.
  •  Hygienic tube packaging.
  •  Bright travel friendly packaging.
  •  Removes hair in 7 minutes.
  •  Less time consuming as compared to waxing or use of an epilator.

Cons of Veet Hair Removal Cream Naturals for Sensitive Skin:

  • Does not remove hair from the roots.

Will I Repurchase/ Do I Recommend Veet Hair Removal Cream Naturals For Sensitive Skin?
Yes to both. In case of emergency or when you don’t have much time, this cream will be your best friend to remove hair.

IMBB Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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