Vega Herbal Heena Powder Review

Vega Herbal Heena Powder Review


The summer is at its peak and I am trying all possible ways to keep myself cool. I started the oats cleansing milk for my skin care and for hair I had to do something. I wanted to use henna with curd especially for its cooling effect rather than the coloring effect. My mom always said no to henna, thinking it will make your hair go grey.Myth! 😛 I convinced her and finally I used the henna pack to beat the heat and give my hair all the pampering it needed.

Product Description:

Vega Herbal Henna Powder is a combination of precious herbal hair conditioner and pure henna leaves and vitamins which give excellent results on hair and makes it shiny and silky. It contains natural proteins and vitamins which give excellent result on hair and makes it shiny and silky. It adds a natural color to the hair and gives it a lustrous rich look. It also makes hair strong and helps in hair growth.

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Vega Heena Powder 2

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Rs. 140 for 200 gm.

My Take on Vega Herbal Heena Powder:

Before I proceed with narrating my experience, let me tell my hair type. I have dry, frizzy, mid length hair, dark in color. No dandruff and dry scalp issue. I do everything to keep my hair tamed and healthy looking.  I was looking for henna from the online websites and what attracted me was their packing in a cylindrical jar. The henna comes in a neatly sealed plastic cover, which is kept inside the tub.  There is a screw lid and hence storing the powder becomes easy. There is ample amount of henna powder that can be used for 3-4 times for mid length hair.  The henna has a mixture of few natural herbs and it smells very herbal and natural. There is not that heavy henna smell. I used curd and almond oil to mix the henna to a mousse-like consistency and added a very little of lukewarm water. This is how it looks when mixed.

Vega Heena Powder 4

I applied the pack on my hair for one hour and after that, I thoroughly washed my hair.  I did not shampoo my hair post henna application. I found my hair was looking healthy and nourished. I liked the way my hair looked shiny. I had heard people telling henna makes your hair dry, but my hair did not dry out, maybe because I had mixed curd and almond oil, plus I did not keep it for too long. I did not shampoo my hair for the next two days and I did not find it becoming greasy.

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Apart from the beautiful results it showed, I was happy with the cooling effect as well. I did not have the need to camouflage my grey hair as there aren’t many. Touch wood, just here and there, doesn’t show up so easily. But I found a tinge of burgundy on my grey hair strands.  If you are looking for covering your grey/coloring your hair, you should at least leave the pack for solid 2-3 hours. I was happy for one another reason that I did not find any hair fall while rinsing the powder off my hair.

Vega Heena Powder 8

What I Like about Vega Herbal Heena Powder:

  • The jar packaging, easy to store and use.
  • Herbal aroma which is not very heavy.
  • The mix of other natural ingredients.
  • The conditioning effect it imparts to my hair.
  • Gives the desired cooling effect.
  • No hair fall while washing it off.
  • Herbal product and hence no side effects.
  • Easily available in many online stores.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Decent quantity, this jar will be enough for my mid length hair for 4-5 times.

What I Do Not Like about Vega Herbal Heena Powder:

  • I could not find any con except for the messy process.

Will I Repurchase Vega Herbal Heena Powder?

Definitely, I’m going to repurchase. No doubt about it 🙂

IMBB Rating:


Finally, I’m enjoying the goodness of this precious natural herb, so I am thinking of using this pack once a week. Since it’s a natural herb, I guess such frequent usage will not cause any harm or side effects, but only gorgeous looking hair.

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11 thoughts on “Vega Herbal Heena Powder Review

  1. Rama, I have tried it yet, but the thought of using heena in summers feels so good 🙂 Burgundy hair *hihi* *hihi*

  2. I tried this henna too..I too have dry ,frizzy,curly hair and after its usage I found some grey hair strands!!So for me its a big no!

  3. I apply Heena in every weekend with coconut oil and egg. It makes smooth and shine *oye balle* But I wash my hair with shampoo after application is it fine?

    1. Shilpa,I think wen u useeggs, u need to wash off the smell witha shampoo…I skip shampoo coz thepwoder already has shikkakai and i never use eggs..

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