Vega Large Powder Brush and Bleach Brush Review


Hi everyone!!!

Today I am going to review Large Powder brush and Bleach brush from Vega.

Vega is the most affordable brand for makeup brushes in India and and is easily available both at stores and online. So, when I wanted both these brushes, I decided to get from Vega. Read on to find out about my experience with these brushes.

vega powder brush


vega powder brush

What the product claims:

A large, domed brush made from natural hair which has a particular texture that holds and dispenses powder extremely well and so is brilliant for applying face powder evenly. This brush gives maximum coverage in minimum strokes.

Rs 220. Available at discount online.

My take on the product:

I have been using this brush since many months. I got this brush after reading on IMBB about loose powders. I wanted to buy an affordable brush because it was the first time I was buying a powder brush. So, got this brush.

Initially, I used it to apply loose powder only, but later used it to apply compact as well and now, I love to apply compact with powder brush rather than the sponge. It helps me to apply compact evenly and lightly. Sponge always gave me a cakey appearance. This brush blends powder very well, like a dream. I tried to apply liquid foundation with it as well. But, it doesn’t give a good finish with liquid foundation.

vega powder brush

The brush goes on smoothly on my skin. The bristles are very soft. They are not at all rough or scratchy. They can be easily bent in any direction.

It picks up the powder in one swipe and you do not need to dip it again in the jar. I have not seen any fall out with the brush.

The length of the brush is appropriate. It’s very easy to hold and convenient to use.

The only problem I am having with this brush is that it sheds couple of bristles everytime I wash it and sometimes, even when I am using it to apply powder.

vega makeup brushes

Comparison of length of bleach brush and large powder brush with vega blush brush.

Left- vega large powder brush; right-vega blush brush


  •  Blends powder efficiently, lightly and evenly
  •  Affordable; suitable for beginners
  •  Bristles are extremely soft
  •  Convenient to use and hold
  •  Goes on smoothly on skin
  •  Picks right amount of product
  •  Appropriate length of brush


  • Sheds bristles

IMBB rating: 4/5

Will I repurchase?
No. although it’s a good brush, next time I would like to try brush from another brand.

DO I recommend?
If you are looking for an affordable large powder brush, you can give this a try, but shedding of bristles might be a problem.


vega bleach brush

What the product claims:
Vega fine soft hair, gentle on your skin, reaches every unwanted hair. Better grip and even application. Can be used to apply both creamy and liquid bleach.

Price: Rs 30

My experience with this product:
I used to apply bleach with my face pack brush, until I saw this brush on an online site. I immediately ordered it. The brush is good considering the price. But I feel the bristles should have been packed more densely. They don’t pick up right quantity and the application is uneven too because of the less density of bristles. It leaves streaks on my face. Sometimes, I need to reapply bleach in some areas because of its uneven application. The bristles are scratchy too. It doesn’t pick up the product in appropriate quantity.

The size of the brush is appropriate and is convenient to use. It’s very easy to clean.


  •  Affordable
  •  Can be cleaned easily
  •  Convenient size
  • Easily available


  •  Bristles are scratchy
  •  Density of bristles is less
  •  Uneven application
  •  Doesn’t pick up the right quantity

IMBB rating: 2.5/5

Will I repurchase?

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17 thoughts on “Vega Large Powder Brush and Bleach Brush Review

  1. Nice review Surbhi… I was so excited to see a bleach brush.. Me too wanted a good bleach brush but sad this one is not that great. If you ever come across a good bleach brush please let me know..

    1. Thanks dipti 🙂 I will surely let you know when i find a good bleach brush. For the time being, I use vega face pack brush to apply bleach. It’s much better 🙂

  2. Jomol Di a photo showing comparison of dome of large powder brush and blush brush is not showing up. its right before the pros.

  3. my Vega powder brush is very scratchy and pricky. Hate to use it. want to buy the Sigma Powder brush and the flat top

  4. My sis recently bought the large powder brush and she is very impressed, not yet complained about shedding though!

    1. Its an impressive product Rashmita. affordable and works decently 🙂 but my brush sheds everytime i wash it 🙁

  5. I am sorry to hear that roopa. Some people have that problem with vega blush brush as well. But, mine one is not at all scratchy. There might be problem with that piece. 🙁 I too wanna buy sigma brushes but they aren’t available here. And i don’t have a credit card, so i can’t order it from international online sites 🙁

  6. i have this vega powder it is quite decent musst say…..for makeup beginners ….i recommand this…i dnt bleach ma face rather get waxin n threading done…used to do few yrs ago…

    1. yes Khush this brush is decent and a good buy considering the price 🙂
      I just get my eyebrows done. use bleach on the rest of the face. i am very lazy when it comes to waxing and threading. 😛

  7. I have the bleach brush too

    agreed with whatever points u mentioned

    bt i prefer using this brush compared to facepack brush bcoz it applies bleach with a lighter hand and I feel that’s how a bleach shud b applied

    1. Vish i agree bleach should be applied with a lighter hand. but the problem.i face is when i use this bleach brush it leaves streaks on my face without bleach and the application is so uneven that i need to reapply bleach at some areas. This reapplication causes me allergy and i end up with red itchy skin. I have used face pack brush once for applying bleach and i was happy because there weren’t any uneven areas or unapplied streaks. I am looking for a good bleach brush now, obviously i can’t use face pack brush for this. 🙁

  8. i have been looking forward to buying this brush for my powder foundation. Would you also recommend the vega blush brush? vega brushes are affordable but not always good. the lip filler brush is a disaster, i have the flat hair brush which just pulls your hair out whenever you use it( i did a review here on it) and the eyeshadow brush is okay but not great.

    1. Even i don’t like their eyeshadow brush amrita. its blush brush few months back. worked fine in beginning, but now it’s bristles look weird. Some people complain that vega’s blush brushes are scratchy. i would recommend u to go for something better. 🙂

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