Vichy Fresh Cleansing Gel, Jurlique Neck Serum, Jurlique Night Cream Review

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Today I am reviewing three skin care products I have been regularly using. Hope you find it helpful. 🙂 rati-skincare-2016

Vichy Fresh Cleansing Gel (Price Rs 990) : My go to face wash is Forest Essentials Mashobra Honey. But I thought I’d take a little break from it and try something new. I picked up this Vichy Purete Thermale Fresh Cleansing Gel from a medical store a few weeks back. And the main selling points were ‘Removes pollution particles and reduces discomfort caused by hard water.’ Since I stay in Delhi, both the things are extreme here. We have the worst pollution and nasty hard water. This face wash turned out to be so refreshing and cleansing that I am addicted to it. It foams up mildly and leaves the skin feeling so clean and fresh. I have normal to dry skin so I do feel the need to apply moisturiser after using this. but it does not feel like it is stripping off moisture from your skin. I feel a bit of dryness after using it but that’s pretty normal with my skin types. There have been days when I have felt there are particles of dust on my face. And after using it, it really makes your skin feel and look clean. this is meant for all skin types and even those with sensitive skin. The top two ingredients are water and glycerin, that makes me happy. It has a light gel like consistency and lovely non-overpowering fragrance. It comes in this clear pump bottle. Totally makes life easier. For me, it is a good no-fuss face wash that I’d recommend to everyone. Absolutely love it! Rating : 5/5vichy-fresh-cleansing-gel vichy-fresh-cleansing-gel-review Jurlique Herbal Recovery Neck Serum : (Price USD 80/ 5400 approx) This is my first time using a neck serum and honestly, I did not know what to expect. I love Jurlique products. they have been a biggest contributor in my skin care this year round.  But neck serum? It comes packed in this standard white pump bottle. The serum is thin creamy pale yellow coloured. It feels watery when you spread it on skin. It gets absorbed quickly on the skin and feels light. It does make your neck area quite soft with regular use. But so does my regular face serum do. There is quite a strong herbaly fragrance to it but not it settles down after a while. The ingredients list is rock solid that includes a lovely blend of pure essential oils. Although I absolutely loved using it and felt extra fancy using a  neck serum. But this is doing an extra step and making an extra effort, which I fail to do most of the time. I would by default use my face serum on neck as well and honestly, I am pretty happy with that. This is good if you don’t mind taking an extra special step for your neck. But personally I feel your face serum and moisturiser are enough. I have pretty much finished using it. You just need a one pump of it for your neck and a little goes a long way. But this is probably one product from Jurlique that I won’t repurchase. Not because it is not good but I find my face serum good enough for my neck as well. If someone who really needs that extra care for the neck area, I would definitley suggest this because the ingredients are packed with ingredients that provide a boost of moisture and smoothness to the delicate neck area. for me, i think I am just too lazy to use so many serums in one go. Rating : 3.8/5


Ingredients :

screen-shot-2016-11-25-at-11-26-57-amjurlique-neck-serum-review Jurlique Herbal Recovery Night Cream Review: (Price USD53 / INR 3600 approx) My empty jar pretty much speaks for itself. I looooved this night cream so much that I am literally scraping out every last bit from the jar. the top two ingredients are water and glycerin and they are a blessing for my normal to dry this. Jurlique night cream comes packed in this white wide mouthed jar. The cream is light and not overly heavy. it gets absorbed in the skin quickly without leaving my residue behind. It has a very soothing fragrance that I feel even help with the sleep. if you see the main ingredients below, they all provide a boost of moisture and hydration to the skin. And honestly, it works. I see the difference in my skin every time I use this and whenever I have tried to use any other night cream. This makes my skin looking so soft, pump and hydrated in the morning. And I feel it has only improved my skin with regular use. I can definitley see the improvement in my texture with its regular use. My skin does not feel dry or patchy in the morning. I feel people with all skin types can use this except for someone with very oily skin. This is definitley one of my top favourite night creams ever. I would definitley repurchase this whenever I travel next. Excellent! The only thing I feel about Jurlique products is their fragrance. They are not the most amazing fragrances but you get used to them. Plus they work so well for your skin, you don’t mind them. But they can really be a hit or a miss with people solely because of their herbal(y) fragrances. Rating : 5/5jurlique-night-cream-review

Ingredients :
screen-shot-2016-11-25-at-12-11-38-pmjurlique-night-cream-1 Swatches : face wash, serum, night creamjurlique-night-cream-2

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  1. I always look forward for your skin care reviews, its like a treat.. I never used vichy products, i always end up buying La Roche products which works fine for me. Will sure try the cleanser..

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