Vichy Normaderm Anti-Imperfection Hydrating Care Review

Hello IMBB! I’m finally writing a review after eating a lot of rati’s brain about how to start and all. A little bit about me- 23 yr old having cosmetologist as a profession and working with a skin clinic in Hyderabad. Beauty was always fascinating to me and hence the profession.

Vichy Normaderm Range
Vichy Normaderm Range

The company Vichy laboratories was founded in 1931 and is the no 1 skincare brand today in European pharmacies. Vichy offers a diverse range of allergy tested products fortified with soothing Vichy thermal spa water. They have dedicated an entire line called normaderm (hence the name Vichy normaderm hydrating care) to acne, imperfection prone skin. The line consists of

• Normaderm deep cleansing gel( pump and tube)
• Normaderm purifying astringent toner
• Normaderm anti imperfection hydrating care
• Normaderm daily care night chrono active imperfection care
• Normaderm active anti imperfection concentrate
• Normaderm pro matt non stop matt effect moisturizing care spf 15

Vichy Normaderm
Vichy Normaderm

Vichy was introduced to me when I started my masters in cosmetology 2 yrs back. When dermatologists are your teachers you are sure to deal with products which work and this is one of them. We were given samples of the Vichy night cream as well as the day cream; as everyone else, I too used and forgot it because I did not have acne problem that time. It was only this may after my exams I noticed my skin behaving weird due to hormones and stress. I had actually quite liked the texture of the day cream that time but couldn’t say anything about its working cause of non existent acne. I bought the first bottle this May and now since I’m on my second bottle, I can proudly say that it’s my Holy Grail moisturizer now. I  have a combination skin which is prone to breakouts prior to monthly cycle, has excessive oily t-zone all through the year, and reacts badly with products which people actually love (i.e. have had rashes when applied ponds cold cream or normal face washes) so hence its actually true sensitive skin.. Coming back to the review

What the product claims-
All in one daily use care to treat imperfections hydrate and gives matt finish all day long. Tested on sensitive acne prone skin, non comedogenic

What it contains-
Salicylic acid- derived from willow bark extract, it eliminates dead skin, has anti microbial action
Glycolic acid- derived from sugar cane juice gently micro exfoliates dead skin
LHA- Vichy’s patented ingredient which helps to regulate sebum and eliminate shine

Bought it at health and glow outlet near my home, 50 ml for 1250

How I use it-
After cleansing, I take a pea-sized amount

Vichy Normaderm use
Vichy Normaderm use
Vichy Normaderm application
Vichy Normaderm application

And apply it in dots all over my face and then proceed with the sunscreen and makeup (I do not believe in toning hence no toner)

Vichy Normaderm Swatch
Vichy Normaderm Swatch

Pros of Vichy Normaderm Anti-Imperfection Hydrating Care

• Love the texture, its fast drying, easily absorbs, non greasy and non sticky. leaves a total matt finish
• Has a pump bottle to dispense the product hence hygienic and no wastage
• Has subtle smell to it which does not linger on after 5 mins
• Is absolutely safe for sensitive skin types too which is so rare for me
• Has definitely reduced my pimples and have reduced my blackheads and whiteheads too with regular use
• It has improved the skin’s clarity and smoothness from first week itself with less oiliness compared previously
• Within a month hardly any problem of excessive oiliness, the face remains fresh for a longer time
• It has AHA (glycolic acid) and BHA (salicylic acid) so  its also working as an anti ageing day cream for me
• Need only pea size amount
• Used it daily twice still lasted 2 months for me
• Is easily available at all health and glow outlets as well as big cosmetic stores
• Though it does not have spf like the pro matt non stop matt effect moisturizer from the same range it works more on the acne, blackhead and whiteheads because of salicylic acid, glycolic acid and the patented LHA present which is not there in the moisturizer with spf

Cons of Vichy Normaderm Anti-Imperfection Hydrating Care

• Does not have a spf thus have to use an additional sunscreen with it
• Price might b a major hiccup( 50 ml 1250 rs)
• When the product is dispensed and taken, the product which remains in the opening dries up however when I blend it again with the moisturizer the next time I use it… It again becomes the same texture. Something to do with LHA ingredient I guess

Do I recommend it?

Absolutely yes to people with sensitive oily, acne prone skin looking for matt, non sticky moisturizer…

Would I repurchase it?

I have already bought 5 times for my friends and sisters and this is my personal 2nd bottle
must be under my dermatologist’s pressure for tomorrorw’s appointments. It has totally helped my skin with my mild acne, blackheads, white heads , smoothness and clarity.. Will always keep buying it until something even better which works for me comes up. Totally love this product!!

More about acne/imperfection prone skin


• Oiliness
• Redness
• Blackheads
• Spots
• Uneven skin surface
• Localized shine
• Open pores or dilated pores


• Hormonal imbalance
• Lifestyle( stress, smoking etc)
• Pollution
• Use of cosmetics which are comedogenic or not according to the skin type
• Sometimes genetics which is aggravated due to above conditions

More article coming up about acne myths, its care and product reviews. Thanks to my sis Apoorva for pics.. Will try better ones next time.

Love and light



37 thoughts on “Vichy Normaderm Anti-Imperfection Hydrating Care Review

  1. Hi akansha
    kudos to you for giving such a good review. my skin is also comibination to oily. and have added this to my wish list.
    Thank you .looking forward more reviews from you.

  2. Hi Akansha…great review…i have exactly the same skin as yours..and also some acne scars which i had got in the i went and checked out the entire range only 2 days back after reading reviews on other products in this range on IMBB..the SA told me that the night cream would work better on my scars as it is a corrector..i also sampled this day cream which the SA said is more of a preventer..hence didnt buy it as wasnt sure if it would work on my scars or not..but i guess this one would…so i am getting it asap 🙂 and i agree this range is only 2days of using the night creme, my skin feels so much better…no oiliness when i wake up..redness almost gone…btw which sunscreen r u using??

    1. yaa the range is really nice n im glad the night cream is working for u smtiz 🙂
      however scars are a bit ricky thing as they start quite deep in the skin and these products work on the outer layers of the skin..however the night cream and the day cream 2ghtr will help lighten the left acne marks and help with lesser of them in the future 🙂

      1. im using neutrogena’s touch dry sunscreen spf 50 which ids reviewd in IMBB also..
        its working fine with my skin type.. 🙂 which one do u use?

        1. ohh ok..didnt know that…thanks a lot 🙂 i am using neutrogena age shield sun block spf30…its non greasy…suits my skin..i actually didnt know the touch dry existed when i bought this one…will get it next time..howz the vichy sunscreens?? the SA was recommending one to me…

          1. havent tried their sunscreens for me but my mom’s using spf 25( normal to dry) and their susncreens are paraban free
            ..she said said she’s liking it and she doesnt use moisturiser with it..after my neutrogena gets over will try the sunscreen for oily to combination skin and will review 🙂

  3. Hii akansha.. nice first review.. i am also staying in review their cleanser,toner also..
    i am actually luking for a gud 3-step skin care regime.. :-)) :-))

    1. oh wow u 2 a hyderabadi 😛 well the cleanser is already reviewd here and as so for toner i personally dnt use toners however with the the quality vichy provides and the ingridents it has ,it will probably work nice in additon to the day or the night cream for u.. 🙂

  4. Hi Everyone
    I used this moisturizer as well hoping for a clearer skin as promised by the Vichy expert but alas it did not work for me at all. The imperfections are still there, it did not act more than a regular mositurizer. I have trouble skin with acne, large pores etc etc

    1. hi thr..
      well this range is for people with mild acne, balckheads , oilness prone skin.. i think the reason it did not work for u mght b tht u would probably need different products for your advance acne..y dont u visit a dermatologist, they will surely help you out

  5. hi seweta
    if ur on medication by a dermatologist already i recommend u ask them abt using this product before buying to avoid any disturbance in the treatment given by them do take care 🙂

  6. thx preetha..even i love this moisturiser :heart: fab for my skin..
    even your review on vichy cleansing gel was nice thinking of buying and using it after my fab india tea tree cleanser finishes 🙂

  7. as for mild acne i use BP and suits well in my case , pimples go away in 1-2 days time… for blackheads used to use clean and clear daily scrub …no whiteheads in ma case..

    This prod shall makes ma life easy , though it is quite exp compared to what i use for mild acne, blackhead the prime Reason i still got it was – i have oily skin so my faces starts looking dull due to oiliness … brought this to give matt effect and reduce redness around cheeks.. been a day ..thx for lovely review 🙂

    wud look forward to see after effect in a week or so 🙂

  8. Hello thnx for lovely reviews…I too have an oily acne prone skin…I want to use d whole range and avoid shine after makeup…plz guide me

  9. Hi, i just bot this bottle. I dont usually wear make up! do i ve to wear a sunscreen on top of this? or is it ok if i use the lotion in the night? kindly help me on this 🙁 i have bad break out with really bad poke marks 🙁

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