Victoria’s Secret Sheer Love Deep Softening Body Butter Review

Victoria’s Secret Sheer Love Deep Softening Body Butter

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I’m back with another review and the product I’m reviewing is Victoria’s Secret’s Sheer Love deep softening body butter. I’ve been obsessed with VS for the longest time as I can recall. Whenever I’m visiting abroad or one of my relatives is, all I ask for is something (Read: anything) from VS. Sigh! The Body Butter I picked up comes in 27 other fragrances, and I kid you not, I feel confused like a little girl in a candy shop when I’m deciding upon what fragrance to pick.

How Victoria’s Secret describes Sheer Love Deep Softening Body Butter:

An irresistible, fresh fragrance. Fall in Sheer Love, bright and cheerful with fresh white cotton and luminous pink lily. Experience the luxury of fragrant hydration. Restorative formula is enriched with deeply conditioning shea and jojoba butters, plus antioxidant vitamin E. Massage on for long-lasting, intensive moisture, focusing on dry, rough areas. Skin feels soft, smooth and touchable: the ultimate sexy sensation.
VS Tip: For longer lasting fragrance, layer with Sheer Love body wash gel, followed by Sheer love body butter and Eau de toilette.

Other products available under the fragrance Sheer Love :

• Sheer Love daily body wash
• Sheer Love fragrance mist
• Sheer Love hydrating body lotion
Sheer Love ultra moisturizing hand and body cream
• Sheer Love eau de toilette


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Price: $12 for 185 gm

My experience with Victoria’s Secret Sheer Love deep softening body butter:

When it comes to actually ‘using’ this body butter, I act like a miser, because I secretly want it to last forever. Not kidding. 😀


This is one of the most pleasant and fresh smelling body butters my nose has ever sniffed; with the key fragrance notes being white cotton and lily.


The packaging is girly yet sophisticated. I love the pink of the tub and the contrasting golden of the lid. Makes it all the more pretty. On the tub of the body buitter are witten the product details, how to use it etc. Also, a little description about the VS Fantasies Secret Sheer fragrance is described.


The texture of the body butter is what amazes me the most. It is so supple yet there’s a slight firmness to it (but that’s what makes it different from a regular cream) . Imagine a nicely set custard that smells like pink lilies, that’s what this body butter feels and smells like. It’s not at all greasy and moisturizes just perfectly (at least that’s what I feel) and feels ultra smooth on skin. In fact that’s the whole point of it, deep softening body butter with absolutely no excess grease/ oil.

Another good thing about it is, I hardly ever wear an EDP or EDT when I use this body butter because it has such a pleasant and luxurious fragrance of itself, that I wouldn’t do it justice by using another fragrance with it.

Pros of Victoria’s Secret Sheer Love Deep Softening Body Butter

• Sophisticated packaging
• Non greasy texture
• Moisturizing
• Amazing Fragrance
• Fragrance lasts for almost 5-6 hours; pretty good for a body butter.
• Last but not the least, the brand speaks for itself; it’s one of the best out there.

Cons of Victoria’s Secret Sheer Love Deep Softening Body Butter

• Not available in India
• Not travel friendly; bulky.

Final Verdict: People who like floral fragrances should definitely try this body butter.

Will I repurchase Victoria’s Secret Sheer Love Deep Softening body butter?

I may not buy this same fragrance again because it comes in 27 other fragrances, but I will definitely try some other fragrances in this body butter.

IMBB Rating: 4/5 (Availability 🙁


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