The Body Shop Body Butter Duo Info

THE BODY SHOP BODY BUTTER DUO  Info : “Good Things Come In Duos”

the body shop body butter duo

The Body Shop launches the ultimate beauty industry ‘one pot wonder’!

The ethical beauty brand originally launched the first Body Butter in the early 1990s, it fast became a cult product all over the world and continues to be a best-seller, with one sold every 3 seconds! Today, to meet women’s needs, The Body Shop unveils
new innovative Body Butter Duo, providing two levels of moisturisation in one convenient product – a first in the beauty industry internationally!

the body shop body butter duo

The Body Shop understands that certain parts of the body, such as elbows and knees, have fewer sebaceous glands and therefore need more intense moisture to keep skin looking and feeling at its optimum. This is highlighted by the 72% of women who claim to have areas of very dry skin, necessitating the use of multiple lotions and potions to keep skin soft and moisturised. Body Butter Duo now makes your life easier. One product, two formulations, sharing the same fragrance – simply divided by smart packaging. Apply the rich infusion on areas such as elbows,knees, and legs, and use the normal skin formula on the rest of your body, for up to 24-hours of moisturisation.

With Body Butter Duo, you can choose from: invigorating Floral Açai, comforting Vanilla, relaxing Macadamia
and uplifting Sweet Pea. Available from August onwards in all The Body Shop stores.

the body shop body butter duo info

Fl oral Açai Body Butter Duo

MRP: RS. 845
For a floral body sensation, try the new Floral Açai Body Butter Duo. As well as containing extract of açai berry, both levels of moisturisation also contain skin-caring Community Fair Trade ingredients.

Vanilla Body Butter Duo
MRP: RS. 845
The fragrance of vanilla is said to be comforting and cocooning, a great choice to feel contented in your skin. Simply choose the intensity of moisturisation your skin deserves, apply to your skin, feel the benefits and revel in the sweet smell of vanilla.

Macada mia Body Butter Duo
MRP: RS. 845
If you like sweet fragrances, you will love smothering your skin with new Macadamia Body Butter Duo. The macadamia tree is said to be indigenous to Australia, and it is traditionally pressed from the nut, then filtered and refined, and
said to be absorbed quickly by the skin. So you now enjoy the benefits of macadamia nut oil by simply dipping into the level of Body Butter you need for different parts of your body.

Sweet Pea Body Butter Duo
MRP: RS. 845
Known for flowering in a range of bright colours, the sweet pea also has a sweet and unique fragrance. For those women with a preference for floral notes, the new Sweet Pea Body Butter Duo is the perfect choice.

And to really make you feel extra good, remember that the packaging used for Body Butter Duo is fully recyclable, so make sure that once you’ve enjoyed its contents that the packaging goes to your local recycling centre.

Duo Formula:-

– There is one formulation for normal skin that can be applied to areas that require a sheer moisture infusion – for example the stomach and arms. This formula contains Community Fair Trade Shea butter, cocoa butter, Brazil nut oil and organically-grown soya oil.

– Each pot contains a separate formulation for dry skin – this is ideal for trickier, drier areas that require a deeper level of moisturisation – for example elbows, knees and shins. The formula for dry skin contains Community Fair Trade Shea butter, cocoa butter, Brazil nut oil, as well as skin-caring and moisturising beeswax, babassu oil and organically-grown soya oil.

– The result – deliciously-fragranced, soft, moisturised skin, from one product!

The Body Shop has included Community Fair Trade ingredients across the new Body Butter Duo products –

Read on to find out more about this pioneering programme:

shea butterShea Butter from Ghana featured in each Body Butter Duo (both normal and dry skin formulas) Shea butter is one of nature’s great moisturisers. The Body Shop purchases its shea butter directly from an association of 476 women from 11 villages.

bees-waxBees wax from Cameroon featured in Body Butter Duo Floral Acai (dry skin), Vanilla Body Butter Duo (normal and dry skin), Macadamia (dry skin) and Sweet Pea (dry skin) The Community Fair Trade beeswax used comes from the remote Adamaoua region of Cameroon. The beeswax is harvested from hives made of local, sustainable materials.

brazil-nutBrazil Nut from Peru featured in each normal and dry skin formula Brazil nut oil is a versatile oil and rich skin moisturiser. Trade with suppliers in Peru provides a stable trade for over 250 people for whom opportunities to earn an income are otherwise uncertain.

cocoa-butterCocoa Butter from Ghana featured in each normal and dry skin formula.
Cocoa Butter intensely moisturises the skin to leave it soft, smooth and supple. The Body Shop buys cocoa beans from Kuapa Kokoo, co-operative that works directly with over 40,000 small-scale farmers, enabling the development of community projects such as schools and village wells.

nut-oilBabassu Nut Oil from Brazil featured in Body Butter Duo dry skin formulas
All of the products in the range feature Community Trade organic babassu oil, Which The Body Shop has sourced from a co-operative in Brazil for over 15 years. Babassu is a versatile, light, moisturising oil,
beneficial for both dry and oily complexions. It forms a protective, soothing coat when applied and has a wonderful velvety feeling on the skin.

soya-oilSoya Oil from Brazil featured in each Body Butter Duo
(both normal and dry skin formulas)

Soya oil is well known in the cosmetic industry for its moisturising properties and is a great base for hair and body products. The Body Shop sources organically-grown soya oil from Brazil, from farmers who believe in preserving nature and their traditional way of life. Long before the idea of organic certification came into being, they were cultivating their crops and rearing their animals firm in the belief that they wanted to maintain the purity of the land.

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