The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Body Butter Review

The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Body Butter Review

Do I have dry skin? Absolutely no, but I still wanted to get Body Butter cause everyone raves about it. I didn’t want to buy my usual fruity flavours and I had to choose between Olive and Cocoa Butter. I got this at a time, when The Body Shop store had not opened at Chennai. There used to be this store next to my place that used to stock The Body Shop products. They had very limited collection, but I know many people who would just throng the store for their collection.


What The Body Shop Body Butter claims:

Wrap your skin in a rich, indulgent, chocolate-scented cream that moisturizes and softens for up to 24 hours.

Main Ingredients:

  • Community Trade cocoa butter, an excellent moisturizer that melts at body temperature, is rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants.
  • Community Trade shea butter from Ghana moisturizes and softens skin.
  • Community Trade organic soy oil is very rich in essential fatty acids that help to repair skin’s moisture barrier, so skin is smooth and supple.

About the The Body Shop Coco Butter :

The Body Shop difference: The original and world’s best body butter. While in Tahiti, The Body Shop founder, Dame Anita Roddick, noticed how cocoa butter made the native women’s skin as soft as silk. It was her continued world travels and further discoveries of local natural ingredients being used for skin and hair care that inspired her to open the first shop in Brighton, UK, in 1976. Sixteen years later, in 1992, we launched our famous Body Butter range, which is packed with Community Trade ingredients like cocoa butter.


Cleanse with Cocoa Butter Creamy Body Wash. Exfoliate to remove dead skin cells using Cocoa Butter Body Scrub before moisturizing with Cocoa Butter Body Butter. Great for pregnant women. Smooth over the bump when skin feels tight and stretched.

Instruction for use:

Scoop out with your fingers and massage into your skin, as often as required.

Rs. 745 for 200 ml

How do I use The Body Shop Cocoa Body Butter?

When you open the box, you can actually feel that they have named it right by calling it Body Butter. It has a creamy-buttery feel to it. Also, you would smell a very strong nutty aroma.

Cocoa Butter Body Scrub
Cocoa Butter Body Scrub

I take a small quantity, massage my body with it. Ta-da-da, I have extremely soft buttery skin.

What do I like about Cocoa Butter Body Scrub ?

  • I can’ help touching myself once I apply it. It makes it extremely soft. My friend who has extremely dry skin, swears by this.
  • It just glides into your skin and before you know it gets completely absorbed in skin. The texture is a bit thick, but you would never feel it on your skin. When you apply, it jus melts
Cocoa Butter Body on hand
Cocoa Butter Body on hand
Butter Smooth
Skin feels Butter Smooth
  • It would last really long. I would need very little for my body and after so many applications, I’ve finished only one-fourth of my tub
  • I’ve actually smelt my hand after 3 hours and I could feel a light nutty aroma
  • I’ve always felt my legs tend to get a bit dry after waxing. After waxing, I apply this to reduce the dryness and to soothe my skin.

What do I not like about The Body Shop Cocoa Butter?

  • The smell. As soon as I open the tub, OMG!! It’s a big too strong for me. It subsides after a while and leaves a very nice mild smell

Overall Experience with The Body Shop Cocoa Butter:

  • I have not been using it regularly. In summer, I think it would be a bit thick and I just use it on my feet before going to sleep. I like this product and would love to try their body lotion. This time I would be back to my fruity flavours
  • Also there is too much left and have no clue how I’m going to finish it. I’ve been asking my parents and friends if I can give them a free massage.

Would I buy this again?? I don’t think so. My body does not need a very strong moisturizing lotion. Probably I’ll try their body lotion. But for people with dry skin, body butter is a blessing.

My Rating: :-* :-* :-*  + 0.5

Which is your favourite Body Butter?



84 thoughts on “The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Body Butter Review

  1. Am using the Mango butter and loving it. Liked this one too when I tried it at the shop, and the ingredient list seemed really good for dry skin 🙂 My friend didn’t seem to like the smell though!

    1. Even I don’t like the smell.. Few of my friends like it.. I guess it’s more of a personal choice.. I would love to try Mano butter but need to finish this first 🙁

  2. Hmmmmm……….. 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 …your description of the body butter was so yummy Priya 😛

  3. There was a store where people could get TBS stuff in Chennai in the pre-Ampa days?? Is there a store that stocks Lush stuff sis would love to know 🙂

      1. Actually, I like that I can keep telling my sis I went to this Lush store and that Lush store here in Bangalore while she has no Lush stores there :evilgrin: :evilgrin:

  4. I agree. I live in Hong Kong and over here they have a promotion every winter where you get two tubs for half the price so I bought these and I don’t like them too much. I find the scent overbearing and it is just TOO greasy even for the winter. :pain: I liked the strawberry one a lot more. :snicker: The body butters in general are definitely amazing for dry/”snake” skin. :blush:

    Although I’m not a fan, an added bonus for the Cocoa Butter one is that it works well in reducing scars e.g. stretch marks. (You’re supposed to massage it in twice a day). That is actually why I bought it but the smell made me sick lol :sick:

  5. I used to use vaseline’s cocoa butter lotion just because of the strong cocoa smell 😛 i think i will try this one too.

    1. Hey you can try Religare Wellness store.. Which area do you live in?? I’ll send you the address that I got from the company.. :-))

        1. Hey I’m put up at Thiruvanmiyur as well 😀

          Address of nearest Religare store:

          Old No 29,New No 65,3rd Main Road, Gandhinagar,Adyar, Chennai-600 020.

          Phone Number: 044-23457219

          Let me know if you need directions

    1. I think body butter is very thick for summer.. Prob I shd get body lotion.. In chn, its only hot, hotter and hottest..

      Prob I shd shop for some body lotion.. I just need an excuse to shop 😛

      1. I tried Coco Body Lotion hmm i forgot the name 🙁 it didn suit me…Now am using Vasline Body lotion…. Nice Review im tempted to try this product now…

        1. I tried Coco flavoured Body Lotion hmm i forgot the brand name it didn suit me…Now am using Vasline Body lotion…. Nice Review im tempted to try this product now…

          1. Prob I wud prefer Body lotion over body butter because of the climate at Chn.. You can try at TBS store and see whether it suits you 🙂

  6. Sounds kinda nice. Don’t know if it would work for me. I’m desperately looking for something new.. A while ago I went to the doctor because I have extreme itchy skin.
    The weird thing is, I don’t have dry skin or anything but my legs especially are itchy all the time, it makes me crazy cause I scratch till I bleed. the doctors advice was to use oil instead of lotion/creme and that I should not shower every day, I also should not use too warm water. I like hot showers but I’m trying to lower the temperature. Does anyone
    -knows if the doctors tips are good?
    -has any other good tips?
    -has experience with itchy skin?
    .-= Sunaina´s last blog ..Roller coaster rides =-.

    1. The so called “winter” season in chennai make my legs feel dry and itchy. But not to the extent of bleeding 🙁 I’ve used oil and it worked for me.. I was religiously applying oil eday and my skin became alright..

      You can try applying oil and see if it would work for you..

    2. Your doctor is correct..have had enough experience now 🙁 I love taking hot showers and there’s no way I am going to change it. I would suggest
      – if you have the time , apply oil for about 30 min, wait, and then go for your bath. This ensures your skin doesnt totally dry out after your bath.
      – lotions/cremes – pick them wisely. Just check the ingredient list, most lotions in the market have a whole lot of synthetics on their ingredient list, and the oat milk, oil, or whatever other miracle ingredient they are claiming will be wayy down towards the bottom of the list. Avoid these.
      – Using oil is ideal, but really not possible always. You could try body butters, creams like nivea, etc. TBS lotions are good too – just check the ingredient list to ensure the oils are toward the top of the list. If you don’t mind splurging, try Lush the best there is.
      – Use a milder, glycerin-based soap (the transparentish ones).

  7. Thanks guys!

    I haven’t tried oil yet because I had tons of lotions
    which I didn’t want to just throw away!
    I’m almost out of it so will definitely try oil/lotion with oil.
    I hardly ever visit the body shop but will certainly check
    out their stuff and that Lush Dreamcream sounds lovely.

    Thanks for the tip about the soap, I forgot to mention that
    my doctor also said to cut back on soap so I guess it would
    be wise to use a milder soap since I don’t want to shower without.
    .-= Sunaina´s last blog ..Roller coaster rides =-.

    1. I forgot to add earlier, try not to scratch the dry areas. I know its just about impossible not to, but what helps me is I keep a bottle of cream/lotion near me all the time, and whenever I feel itchy, I just take some and rub it over the itchy area instead. It really helps. When we scratch, especially enough to make the area go red or bleeding like how you said, it worsens the dry skin/itching later. Its a cycle and you have to break it.

  8. It’s soooo hard not to scratch! But it hurts even more when it bleeds so will try to ”stay strong” Dove soap bars are always on sale in a store nearby, 4 soaps for just 1 euro (just simple basic Dove bars) I used Dove silk glow (liquid soap) in the past, I don’t think that was good for me. So are bars better or liquid soap, does it even matter?
    .-= Sunaina´s last blog ..Roller coaster rides =-.

    1. 😀 I have not seen much of a difference between liquid and the bar, but generally I avoid soaps like Dove/Olay which, though mild, are very difficult to wash off. I hate that filmy feel on my skin, maybe thats just me. Try Pears or some other soap like that…was what a doc recommended.

  9. I have the experience with bars that my skin feels.. I don’t know how to describe it, it feels weird, kinda dry. I guess I like that filmy feel or I’m just not used to bars. Will do some experimenting!
    .-= Sunaina´s last blog ..Roller coaster rides =-.

      1. You do know my intention is to finish the body butter.. I would be lathering more of it than giving you a massage :evilgrin:

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