Vidal Sassoon Premium Base Care Conditioner Review

Vidal Sassoon Premium Base Care Conditioner

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Well today I’m going to review Vidal Sassoon’s premium Hair care range’s conditioner; I had ordered it online and had been using it for two months. Though I have finished up with the bottle I was arranging my washroom cabinet where I found it lying empty, so here I am writing down about it. Hope you guys find it useful.


Price– 325 INR

Claims (Online Source)-The Vidal Sassoon Premium Base Care Conditioner has been formulated to give you healthy and thick hair that will leave envious admirers wherever you go. Rough and unkempt hair speaks of bad hygiene and you need a good conditioner to nourish and smoothen your hair. Look no further because this special conditioner from Vidal Sassoon conditioner will do just that, leaving you with beautiful hair for all times. The perfect hair conditioner hydrates hair and provides frizz control with a moisture rich formula, leaving your hair looking smooth and ready for a perfect style. The fizz control ensures that the hair is left silky and sleek and gives and your hair the care it deserves.

Packaging– Sturdy dark maroon opaque bottle with flip open cap

Texture– White thick but runny liquid (spreads amazingly evenly well)


My take on Vidal Sassoon Premium Care Conditioner:

My sole motive of opting for this premium range conditioner was to have smooth and tamed hair. I prefer using a basic shampoo that cleanses the scalp and then I opt for a nice conditioner which evens out my frizz, adds shine and makes them soft, so I have never really used any premium range and when I spotted this online with nice discount I wanted to try this.

I used it for two months and I would say it fared okay, it smoothened my hair tamed them for a day or two, the good part about the conditioner was that it did not added up oil in my hair. I was okay with this thing; it gave me nice smooth hair that made me go with it, it spreads easily over hair. I prefer conditioners which are neither too runny nor are too thick.


Pros of Vidal Sassoon Premium Base Care Conditioner:

• Smoothes up hair adds up shine keep them untangled
• Priced okay
• Somewhat stands up to its claims
• Smells nice
• Do not adds up oil to the hair
• Sturdy packaging
• Spreads easily over hair

Cons of Vidal Sassoon Premium Base Care Conditioner:

• Heavy bottle (not travel friendly)

Would I recommend– Yes, the dry haired girls you must give it a try!

Would I repurchase– No! I am happily in an amazing relationship with Sunsilk Radiant Shine Conditioner

IMBB Rating– 4/5

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  1. Hey Neha if you are curious enough to try a premium range then you can think about it, moreover i would suggest for dry haired ppl you can opt it and use both the shampoo and conditioner *pigtail*

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