VLCC Groome Mini Retractable Lip Brush Review

VLCC Groome Mini Retractable Lip Brush

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I told you I have bought another lip brush apart from basicare one. This one is from VLCC and has a cap. So, it is reserved mainly for outings to carry around in my handbag. I wanted to own the Lakme absolute one but I saw this on the site first, and also since I have exploring curiosity always, so I ordered this. Read on to find more.

VLCC Groome Mini Retractable Lip Brush (1)

Price: INR 199

Product description:

• Retractable
• Nylon bristles

VLCC Groome Mini Lip Brush is Retractable and its bristles are made of nylon. You can ensure precision application of your favourite lip colour or gloss. Keep in your handbag for touch-ups on the go.

Care instructions:

Regularly wash the bristles in warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly. Gently squeeze out any excess water and allow to air dry.

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My experience with VLCC Groome Mini Retractable Lip Brush :

This brush also comes in a pouch thing. The brush has two parts-the cap piece and another piece in which the brush hides inside. The cap piece has to be removed and placed at the back. We have to then push the black plastic part with the cap behind to see the brush moving out. This mechanism is like some old pens that we used in childhood. After usage, as soon as we pull the cap back the brush automatically goes inside and then we can cap it. It has a sleek silver body with groome printed on it.

VLCC Groome Mini Retractable Lip Brush (2)

The bristles are densely packed and are stiffer than the basicare one which I like. The tip is also flat, not pointed and is ideal for filling in the lips. This brush gives absolute precision and fine finish. If I talk about lip lining, it can be done by placing the brush at an angle but nothing beats the lining finish of the Basicare one. So in short I have got two different and good lip brushes.

VLCC Groome Mini Retractable Lip Brush (3)

Now the best part about this lip brush is its cap. After use, when you cap it, the length remains 3 inches in all. So it makes a cute sleek piece. I have washed this brush many a times now, no shedding of the bristles but the issue is that 1-2 bristles tend to fall apart from the pack. That gets me irritated sometimes. Also the brush tends to get back while in use if we apply pressure. That is another bad thing. So, overall I love the precision and finish it gives with all my lippies and that it has a cap but I do not like the bristle falling apart or brush going back thing.
I really want to have the lakme absolute one now or the Inglot pen style lip brush. Let me see what I lay my hands first on.

VLCC Groome Mini Retractable Lip Brush (6)

Pros of VLCC Groome Mini Retractable Lip Brush :

• Classy and sleek small body.
• Bristles are soft and firm at the same time.
• Stiffer bristles do not let the brush bend at all which I like.
• Precise application and perfect finish every time.
• It has this cap so I carry it anywhere in the purse.
• Nominal pricing.

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Cons of VLCC Groome Mini Retractable Lip Brush :

• One or two bristles fall apart after a few uses which do not hinder the application but are irritating.
• The brush tends to get back inside during application if applied a little pressure.

IMBB Rating:



If you want a lip brush with cap under nominal price rating, this is the one for you. The bristles falling apart or brush going back thing can be managed somehow. If in case you do not want to compromise, invest in lakme absolute one or inglot pen style one.

Until next time, take care!

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  1. Wow..!! *woot* *woot* I always wanted a handy lipbrush to carry around with my inglot lip palette. I found the normal brush to be messy.. but this one fits the bill perfectly..!! Great Review..

  2. Hey… a little out of topic.. but I love the nail paint shade you are wearing in the pics.. 😀
    May I ask the company and shade number of it???

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