VLCC Honey Lovable Lips Lip Balm Review

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Today I will be reviewing a lip balm from VLCC called Lovable Lips in honey flavour. I was lured into buying this one with the packaging and the honey flavour. I hadn’t tried the VLCC lip balms as of yet, so I decided to give this one a shot. I am a stickler for lip balms. I’ve had only good ones that faired excellently till now; let us see if this one will join the troop or not.

VLCC Lovable Lips lip balm honey


99 INR



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  • With SPF 15.
  • Enriched with Shea butter and unique ingredients that make your lips soft and supple.
  • Helps reduce fine lines with regular use.

Directions and Ingredients:

VLCC Lovable Lips lip balm honey

My Experience with VLCC Honey Lovable Lips Lip Balm:

The packaging is pretty good and robust; comes in a white tube with transparent cap. The lip balm stick can be twisted up and back easily. It can be tossed into handbags without any fear of the cap being displaced. Hence, it is travel friendly. The stick is chrome yellow in color, has a pleasing fragrance of honey and comes with SPF 15. Well, that’s where the good things about this lip balm end.

VLCC Lovable Lips lip balm honey

This lip balm is a complete failure. It does not impart any tint, it’s not a tinted one. The lip balm is hard. It needs to be swiped a lot to get the product on. Doing a hand swatch was out of question! I had to literally rub it on my lips, since it does not glide smoothly at all. After all that effort it leaves behind a whitish layer that looks horrible. I applied it at night post brushing my teeth without looking in the mirror, when I looked in I thought I had toothpaste residue on my lips! I completely dismissed using it during day.

VLCC Lovable Lips lip balm honey

It does least to moisturize the extremely dry lips. It highlights the flakiness, which is the worst part. The sweet honey fragrance also does not last long; it lingers for a while and disappears. This lip balm doesn’t last at all, not even for half hour. If you sip water in between or snack a little, it’s literally gone. It is such a pain to rub it on the lips again.

The texture is also very heavy and waxy, makes me want to purse my lips more; by doing so the whitish cast settles between the lips. My first try with VLCC lip balm disappointed me really bad. I regret buying this thing, I am using this as my night balm as of now. Since, that’s the best use that I could put this to. Well, to end it with a good note this lip balm does hydrate the lips to a small extent.

VLCC Lovable Lips lip balm honey

Pros of VLCC Honey Lovable Lips Lip Balm:

  • Very cute packaging.
  • Can be tossed into handbags, fits in pockets.
  • Hydrates the lips to an extent.
  • Has SPF 15.
  • Pleasing fragrance of honey.
  • Affordable price tag.

Cons of VLCC Honey Lovable Lips Lip Balm:

  • Very hard texture.
  • Feels extremely heavy and waxy on lips.
  • Highlights the flakiness.
  • Does not glide smoothly.
  • Needs to be rubbed hard to get the lip balm on.
  • Leaves a bad whitish cast on lips.
  • Settles between fine lines and between lips.
  • Does not last more than half hour.
  • Complete ingredients are not mentioned.

IMBB Rating:

2/5 (for the packaging and pleasant fragrance!)

Would I recommend/re-purchase VLCC Honey Lovable Lips Lip Balm?

I wouldn’t recommend this even for my worst foes, it has failed me badly. I wonder why is it still available in the market! Re-purchasing is out of question. I wouldn’t punish myself!

Conclusion: Not at all the best in the market, can be skipped without a thought.

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