VOV Lipstick in 65 Vogue Review

VOV Lipstick in 65 Vogue

Hey everybody..
How have you been?
Do not kill me for this but I have come up with a VOV lippie again. 😛

See you cannot say I am VOV’s brand ambassador; I have been reviewing other brand’s products as well. You know buying more and more lipsticks is like healthy for me. Shopping cosmetics is a big stress-reliever (I do not have any stress-that is another story though 😛 )


Ok, let us jump on to the review. This is another daily wear shade. Scroll down to know more.

Price: Rs 150

Shelf life: 3 years.

My experience with VOV Lipstick in 65 Vogue:

Packaging: it comes in a transparent glass kind of packaging and the shade is shown at the base. Number and name are printed on the sticker at one end. I love its name too- vogue. Now, if I compare the two ranges of VOV I have reviewed, I like the ultra moisturising range more since it goes completely transparent. You can see the bullet too. This one shows the colour at the base.

Quality: The texture is smooth buttery kind. The smoothness remains for a long time and does not set like a completely dry matte unlike many long staying lipsticks. The sheen of the freshly applied coat remains on my lips for a fairly long time and I should tell you that my lips are dry. The feel on your lips is like neither drying nor saucy-somewhere in between.


Odour: It is completely odourless unlike other lipsticks of lower price range. I cannot tolerate fragrances in my lipsticks unless it is of orange candy kind that I found in my inglot gel lipstick. 😛

Shade: I would say it is a creamy pink shade with peach undertones. It is very close to the shade honey dew I reviewed earlier. The difference is that honey dew is more on the peachy side and this one is more pinky. It is an everyday wear shade. It can be worn on an evening party too. On formal occasions at night you need slightly brighter shades, so this would not work there. It would be an equal love for both college goers and married ladies. This is apt for ladies with pigmented lips too as it is nowhere a sheer lipstick. Also, it would suit almost all skin tones equally.

Staying power: now it stays for quite long too. It goes for around 4-5 hours and after that it lightens a bit to leave a pinkish residue on the lips. If you eat something, the colour would lighten but it would be there. When you try to remove with cotton, you will have to take wet cotton, it does not go completely with a dry one.

In short this is worth trying lipstick. For shades that you might not purchase from a high end brand, you can try them in VOV at very cheap prices. In my experience, the ultra smooth moisturising range has better variety of shades to offer than this one.


Pros of VOV Lipstick in 65 Vogue:

• Classy packaging with visible shade at the bottom.
• Decent, every day wear shade.
• Smooth buttery formulation.
• Completely odourless.
• Stays for long.
• Cheap price.


Cons of VOV Lipstick in 65 Vogue:

• The glass packaging is prone to breakage.
• Some lipstick may turn out to be defected like in my case the lipstick stopped rotating up but I got it replaced so no worries.
• No ingredients mentioned.
• Availability is an issue.

Will I repurchase this?

No, I will keep experimenting with newer shades.

Recommendation: I would recommend everybody to try these lipsticks.

IMBB rating: 4/5

Until next time, take care!

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23 thoughts on “VOV Lipstick in 65 Vogue Review

    1. hehe… *hihi* *hihi* nai nai jomol di… neither i am a big VOV fan nor i own them.. *hihi* bas 1 day I was on a shopping spree and bought 9 shades together… n 3-4 I was having pehle se… bas 3 more to review.. *duh* uske bad i will myself not buy VOV again… *hihi*

  1. waaaahhhhh VOV ka aur ek shade… *hihi* you know what the shopkeeper would say the next time you go … baapre ye vapas aa gai aur saari lipsticks lekar chali jayegi… dusre logoon ko kya bechu?? rofl rofl rofl lol kidding… vov has beautiful shades really and all the shades look great on you *puchhi*

    1. rofl rofl heheh… pata hai shpkeepers ko mere jaise costumers hi chahiye hote hain… who buy all the stock in one visit… 😛 😛
      thankuu saloni *puchhi*

  2. wow such lovely lips !!!!! *woot*
    main toh fan ho gaayi…
    but can u tell me from where do u buy VOV lippies?? do u know any online site?? *oye balle*

    1. thankuu so much debadyuti… *happy dance* *happy dance*
      no there is no online site.. *cry* you can try asking at your nearby cosmetic stores….

  3. ufffffffff one more pretty shade *hihi* …. i love this shade, it is so wearable .. looks lovely on ur lips.. *shy*

  4. You are such a brand ambassador for Vov!! Lol!! But seriously, nice shades they all are. I am very tempted but not sure where to get them in Hyderabad??!

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