VOV Pretty Pink 05 Lip Liner Review

VOV Pretty Pink 05 Lip Liner

Hi everybody,

It is amazing weather nowadays. Monsoons have finally come to our north India too. Clicking pictures outside has become all the more fun.
Ok, today I am going to review a lip liner from VOV in the shade pretty pink 05. No, I am not starting a series of reviews on VOV liners now. This is the only one I have got from the brand. 😛

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Price: I really do not remember the price as I paid for it together with many other products.

Ingredients: not mentioned

My experience with VOV Pretty Pink 05 Lip Liner:

This one comes in a long pencil form. The body of the liner pencil is the same colour as the shade is. This makes it very easy to find in the stash.

This is a nude brownish pink shade. As I collect more than 50% of nude shades, I wanted to have this to line my lips with each of them. This is smooth to glide on but at the same time stiff enough to line the lips without breaking off. This does not tug and is very soft on the lips as a liner. If you try to fill your lips with this one, it would become a little drying as you can see in the swatches. If at all I want to wear it instead of lipstick, I apply a clear gloss over it to overcome the dryness. This combo works well with smokey eye look. College goers- this is a must have for you. Girls having pigmented lips cannot use it to fill the lips though.


As a liner it works well and does not bleed. It is not smudge proof or water-proof at the same time.

This pencil is not ultra soft, so chances of tip breakage are less. Also, product wastage while sharpening is less. It is a versatile shade and can be put to use with many nude brown and pink lipsticks.

When I used it to fill the lips, it stayed for 2-3 hours. Though it does not stay for long, it is still one of my favourites because of the shade. Overall, VOV offers reasonable liners with a variety of shades which can be experimented with. My only problem with these is that they do not mention the ingredients.


Why say yes to VOV Pretty Pink 05 Lip Liner:

• It is a very pretty shade to be used with nude lipsticks.
• It is smooth enough to glide on the lips.
• It is a long pencil which would serve for long too.
• The body is same colored as the actual shade of the liner, which makes it easy to find in the collection.
• It is available at a very reasonable price.
• So many shades to choose from.
• Can be used as a lip colour with a lip balm beneath or over it.


Why say no to VOV Pretty Pink 05 Lip Liner:

• It is not smudge-proof or water proof.
• It does not stay for long.
• If it is used to fill the lips, it can be very drying.
• Availability is a major issue with VOV products.


Will I repurchase VOV Pretty Pink 05 Lip Liner?

Yes, definitely as it goes with various shades of lipsticks in my collection.

Will I recommend VOV Pretty Pink 05 Lip Liner?

Yes. If you use nude shades of lipsticks it will be great pick for you.

IMBB rating: 4/5

Until next time, take care!

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  1. Have searched in lots of places (H&G, Alankar, NHall, etc) no luck so far… will continue with the endeavour… cheers

  2. hey sahiba,pretty swatches!!! just a query, where do u buy vov cosmetics from?? i mean loads f dupes available..how to check which ones d original ?

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