Oriflame Aloe Vera & Arnica Extract Soothing Pure Gel

Oriflame Pure Nature Organic Aloe Vera & Arnica Extract Soothing Pure Gel

With the onset of Summer I wanted to get a soothing gel or mask that I could use once I come back home after a long day out in the Sun, so once I saw the Oriflame Aloe Vera Arnica gel in the catalogue, I decided to get it but I was confused between this gel & the Oriflame Pure Nature white tea extract moisturising gel mask which is suitable for all skin types(Jomol got this I guess), but then zeroed in the Aloe vera & Arnica gel because it said suitable for all skin types especially Sensitive.

Oriflame Organic Aloe Vera Arnica Gel

What does Oriflame Claim about this Aloe vera & Arnica gel: Pure nature is lovingly created by people dedicated to bring you a pure and organic experience . The true essence of our products’ botanical effectiveness lies in legendary knowledge about the benefits of plants .With Pure Nature we share with our secrets of nature’s goodness.

Aloe Vera has been used in folk medicine since ancient times. It has superb soothing, moisturising and regenerative properties which makes it a perfect ingredient for sensitive, stressed & clog –prone skin.
Arnica’s Yellow -Orange flowers are renowned for their soothing and protecting protection. The 100% organic extract offers protective effects while soothing & gently softening skin.

Mild, fragrance-free gel with highly concentrated form of organic aloe vera extract equivalent to a 80% pure gel. Offers soothing and calming benefits. Provides immediate relief to stressed, tired or dull skin on face or body.


Oriflame Organic Aloe Vera Arnica Gel

Price: Actual price is Rs.239 INR for 50 ml but got it for introductory price of Rs.159 INR for 50ml.

Uses of Aloe Vera gel

  • Aloe vera gel helps in treating rashes, wounds, sunburns, burns, and other skin problems.
  • Aloe gel helps in regeneration of tissues.
  • Give soothing effect to skin and acts as moisturizers.
  • Pure aloe gel helps in eczema treatment.
  • Cures genital herpes through creams.
  • Helps in food preservation.
  • Aloe Vera gel is generally described as salty, bitter, moist and cool. It helps in reducing blood sugar and acts as a wound healer.


My Experience: I got this gel to use it during summers after a long day out in the Sun. Once I come back home, after washing my face, I apply this gel & just relax on chair with my eyes closed & it gives me a refreshing feel. The texture of the gel is not too thick; it glides easily on the face. Though it says it’s suitable for sensitive skin, I wanted to make sure it suits my combination/dry skin, so I did a patch test, applied it on my hand & I didn’t feel any discomfort so I said OKAY let’s begin & applied it on the entire face. The first time I applied I sat directly under the fan & the gel dried within 2-3 minutes, so the next time I applied it, I wasn’t sitting directly under the fan & it took 5-6 minutes for the gel to dry. After the gel dried, I cleansed my face with water & I could see that the gel comes off easily & it isn’t much fuss to remove it off. After the cleansing, the skin looked hydrated & wasn’t dry at all, the hydration lasts for a good amount of time, I applied it in the afternoon & up until evening I didn’t feel the urge to apply any moisturiser. But a word of caution, it is not mentioned on the pack how to use this gel, so when I applied it on the entire face, I started to feel a burning sensation on the eyelids, but I mustered up the courage to keep it until it dried. I would suggest no to apply this on the eyes or anywhere on the broken skin because that may lead to inflammation.

Pros of the Oriflame Aloe Vera & Arnica Extract Soothing Pure Gel :

  • Delivers what it claims, provides soothing & calming benefits.
  • Great product for dry skin.
  • Makes the skin moisturised after usage, no need of a moisturiser to be applied after using this.
  • No irritation or discomfort experienced except for the burning sensation on the eyes-lids.
  • After using the gel, your face will not be sticky or smelly, it will feel hydrated.
  • Gives a nice cooling effect applied after a day out in the sun.

Cons of theOriflame Aloe Vera & Arnica Extract Soothing Pure Gel :

  • Oriflame doesn’t indicate the directions to use the product.
  • Comes in the form of a green colored tube. I wish it was a transparent packaging, so that I get to know how much amount of gel is left until I get new pack.
  • Oriflame claims this is fragrance free, but it has mild fragrance, smell a little bit like medicines.
  • The quantity provided is less at the regular price of Rs.239 INR for 50 ml. I feel it’s little expensive at the regular price.
  • Although I don’t consider this a con, but I want it to stay for at least 20 minutes without drying so that cooling effect prolongs & I can have a nice nap 😉

Will I repurchase this? Yes I will if it’s on discount.
Will I recommend this? I will recommend this to people who want to have refreshing feel after a tired & long day. If you think you don’t need this, you can just overlook this gel. All in all this isn’t bad product but it not a must have product.

Have you used Oriflame Aloe Vera & Arnica Extract Soothing Pure Gel

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30 thoughts on “Oriflame Aloe Vera & Arnica Extract Soothing Pure Gel

  1. uzma one more thing with the gel packs try keep em in the fridge so that when u come home u use the gel along with all the more cooling sensation.i do taht to my fab clove pack and khadi gel scrub and it adds to the goodness 😉
    hope my suggestion helps.
    u can do this all summer 😉

  2. Thanks Uzma. I usually buy the makeup stuff from Oriflame hardly ever the skincare..this might be worth trying..btw, just placed a huge order from the March catalogue- the eyeshadows (99 bucks each) O:) , the bag (498 bucks), the peach perfect glow, the clickit eyelier in blue and the mascara..and some friends of mine ordered even more stuff (including a male colleague who ordered tons of stuff for his wife)

    can’t wait to receive the stuff..waiting for tat call from my orfiflame friend :waiting: :waiting: :waiting:

      1. hi guys,
        can u guys( oriflame users) let me knw whch are the best seller and good products of oriflame in all categories………… :waytogo:

  3. Thanx Uzma……….I have a very sensitive skin…..n i was looking for a soothing gel…….this has helped me a lot…..will surely try this :):)

  4. nice review uzma :yes: :yes: .. but as i dont go out much in the sun so dont think it wud be of much use for me. 😐 😐

  5. nice review Uzma…I added this in my last order, but the order went back coz that courier guy came after 5:30 again!!! :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank: Now have to order everything again!!!

  6. 🙁 I think this happened second time na cali, have u spoken to Oriflame office about it?hope you get it this time :yes:

  7. i hav always used fresh aloe vera gel from the plant…but this seems good too…!!:)
    good review uzma…!! :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks:

    1. Hey Noopur, :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: I use pure Aloe vera gel sometimes, when I get lazy I try this :yes:

  8. I’ve been using the aloe gel from patanjali which is also very good. 🙂 No need of washing it off…….it just gets absorbed in the skin

  9. hiii
    i have open pores on my face can u plz sugest me any remedy for this? r ther any products of oriflame helpful or any other remedy……. plz let me knw……………… im waiting

  10. i have purchased oriflame pure nature aloe vera and arnica extract soothing gel, toner,face cream, n face wash. kindly`tell me the right way 2 use all these.

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