9 Ways To Freshen Up Instantly After Gym

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Today’s post is all about how you can freshen up instantly (without taking much time at all) after the gym. I have often been in situations where I have been exercising and have had to rush somewhere right afterwards, only because there just hasn’t been enough time to shower and get ready at ease. In this hot summer season, you are quite likely to find yourself in a similar rushed situation, so I thought I’d compile some of these tips for you. I hope these tips help you save time and get you to look and feel fresh and rejuvenated right after you’ve been to the gym!

Freshen Instantly After Gym

1.  Wipe your face clean: Don’t get caught in the trap of full-blown skincare regime. Simply grab a hydrating/moisturizing face wipe and wipe away the sweat and grime. The wipe will be a two-step process of cleansing and moisturizing. If you have a little more time, you could use some micellar water on a cotton pad instead.

2.  Put on some BB or CC cream: You probably won’t have the time or patience to blend in a heavy coverage foundation. So, make the most of your post-exercise glow and use your fingers to put on a little bit of BB or CC cream. This will also make your skin feel more hydrated, since we’re anyway not using a moisturizer.

3.  Use a body wipe:  You could either use a damp washcloth or a disposable wipe to clean up your neck, underarms and any other sweaty body parts after the workout.

Woman wiping her face in gym

4.  Spray on your deodorant and perfume: Once you’ve wiped yourself clean, it’s time for your favourite fragrance to do its magic. Use it generously!

5.  Change into a clean and comfortable outfit: Pick a comfortable outfit to change into after your workout. It should preferably be made with natural fabric so that your skin can continue to breathe post the workout. Choosing an outfit like a breathable cotton dress is ideal, because it’ll be easy for you to pack and carry around in your gym back and it’ll feel nice and comfortable to wear after the workout.

6.  Spray in some dry shampoo: You probably won’t have enough time to do much to your hair. If it looks sweaty and grimy, spray in some dry shampoo and pull it back into a ponytail or a braid. Spray some perfume into your hair as well. This will get the perfume to last longer and it’ll make sure your hair smells nice.

Woman applying dry shampoo

7.  Use a lip and cheek tint: You only need one product for your lips and cheeks. It could either be a tinted lip balm or a moisturizing lipstick that will glide onto your lips and cheeks and give you a natural, dewy and flushed look.

8.  Dramatize your eyes with mascara: Don’t have enough time to play up your eyes? All you really need is a coat or two of any lengthening and volumizing mascara. If you’re still feeling tired and sweaty, you could opt for a waterproof formula.

9.  Change into a pair of trendy flats: You don’t want to be walking around in a pair of high heels or any other uncomfortable pair of shoes after a workout. Change into a pair of comfortable and trendy flat sandals that will look nice and will allow your feet to rest and breathe. Flats will also be easy for you to pack and carry in your gym bag.

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