Hairstyles That Make You Look Younger

By Rima Chowdhary

Hello ladies,

Today I have brought this post especially for women who look their age but still want to look younger. Apart from going to gym, jogging parks and following various nutritious diet charts, have you ever thought your hairstyle can make you look younger. Enter the salon at your age and come out looking younger and glamorous as it is always said a good hairstyle is a good makeup in itself. For a new hairstyle it is important to know your facial structure and hair texture .There are many inspirations from Bollywood who know it well how to wear their hairstyle with their growing age. Let’s check how well our Bollywood divas can carry their hairstyles with their ages.


1. Priyanka Chopra
Priyanka chopra is one of actress who can carry any hairstyle as perfectly as it should be. Right from ‘Anjaana Anjaani’to her upcoming movie ‘Geetanjali’, simple bangs go well with this Diva. She never compromises on her hair volume because of her super thick texture .Bangs gives a soft look to an oval or a heart shaped face structure. This style is bliss if you have a broad forehead, which manages to feature your eyes rather than your broad forehead.


2. Sonakshi Sinha
Tell me who didn’t get amazed with her new hairstyle. The pixie cute look was a super sudden change taken by this long hair Diva. Chopping all your hair needs a good confident human and if you are thinking to chop your hair short, Sonakshi can be a perfect inspiration for you. “Hair today, gone tomorrow! Short hair!!! After yeeeaaarrrsss! #excitedmeinedda,” she wrote on her twitter page. Pixie hair cut gives you a new cool and goes perfectly if you have a round chubby face. Avoid highlights with your pixie cut as it may be harsh on your hair.


3. Jacqueline Fernandis
This Srilankan beauty was able to pool praises from the audience for her new hairstyle in her movie “Roy”. She chopped her hair down from long hair to small curls with bob cut, which worked quite well with her entire look. If you want to lock this hairstyle for yourself this season, do not give it a second thought. You can also highlight some of your hair strands. Take care that the length should be just at the collar bone and not an inch longer, to avoid the hair from kicking out at the shoulder.


4. Anushka Sharma
She followed a sleek straight boy cut in her movie PK, which stood to be an eye catching part of the movie. A sleek boy cut gives you a fresh and younger look instantly. This goes well with all face structure. For broad foreheads, flick your hair towards the front. I don’t know about the rest, but personally I feel this look has increased the quotient of hotness in her (if you ignore her lip job )  . If you want to work on highlights than you can go for burgundy or a reddish shade for few strands


5. Shilpa Shetty
Shilpa Shetty is a person who adores long hair and she looks very beautiful with her long hair. She can never give a thought to chop her hair short. Although braid hairstyle is a new trend and followed by almost all the B- town celebs, I found Shilpa Shetty has the best face for this hairstyle. No doubt she wears all hairstyles well, braids suite her a lot. Braid hairstyle can be carried with ease from your urban attire to a cool chic one giving you a soft, traditional and stylish look. A person never goes unnoticed with braids on her hair.


6. Aishwarya Rai
She is the most beautiful and elegant women even in her 40’s. She has long hair with thick texture, but the best one is Long hair with beachy waves .This hair makeover makes you look younger and also portrays you as a matured women. Ladies in their 30’s can surely give this a try with a side part.


7. Deepika Podukone
This best dressed fashionista has never avoided her hairstyles either. She is among those actresses who always keep experimenting new hair styles and dresses. There are many hairstyles which make her look beautiful, but shoulder length straight hair makes her look cute and beautiful. Remember the Naina girl in Yeah Jawani Hai Deewani. The style goes well even when highlighted. If you don’t want to leave it open then you can take all your hair and tie a pony tail or a half ponytail.


8. Nargis Fakiri
This American actress has always been seen in her long wavy hair. Only curls on your long hair can be your alternate choice if you don’t want to make it straight and simple. A loose curl, low curls or spring curls totally depend on your taste of preference. Curls look good if you have long hair that is not too tight and messy. Curls with layered hair also works well as it does not get too heavy on the bottom.


That’s all girl, I hope this post is useful for you all. Have a happy day and Happy summers!

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  1. Ohh…such an inspirational post…I have been planning to bangs fir so long.. The next haircut may be!
    I really liked Sonakshi’s new haircut…suits her a lot! 🙂

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