10 Beauty Products That Will Make You Look Awake

By Gurmeet Kaur

Hey everyone,

Well Ladies, how many late night wonderful parties have you missed for the fear of looking miserable at work the next day? Or how many times your tired eyes told you in the morning that you shouldn’t have seen movies back to back. It isn’t about just parties or movies, sometimes those late night talks with your partner or best friend give you mental peace but, it makes you look sleep deprived on the next day. So, how about exploring all the quick tips and tricks to look fresh and wide awake with the help of makeup, so that your life is full of this late night precious moments? 🙂

10 Beauty Products That Will Make You Look Awake6

Read on and make your life easy and pretty, every morning!

1. Moisturizer:

Dozing off late or an insufficient sleep dehydrates your skin and makes it look absolutely dull. So, after cleansing your face with cold water, do apply ample amount of face cream to bring back that lustre. Also while you apply it, patch it under your eyes with an eye cream; let it settle and then massage it all around covering a little over your brows. Cover your cheeks and chin in a circular motion because doing so, will initiate blood flow back to the face, making it look fuller, better and fresher. Don’t forget to dab your lips with a soothing lip balm, lip oil or maybe shea butter. Spray on some primer water.

10 Beauty Products That Will Make You Look Awake2

2. Foundation:

You have got no worries if you have a really good foundation in your vanity. (A little shopping tip, next time you pick a foundation for yourself, prefer a hydrating one!) The foundation not only provides an even base, it also covers minute flaws without even letting you know. On those tired-face days, invest in a little extra time to blend the foundation over your skin. A subtle layer of foundation is only helpful when it is spread very evenly so, be very careful! You are just one brush stroke away from looking cakey.

3. Concealer:

The bluish-blackish-brownish discoloured skin under the eye is the real monster we have to fight. While we all know, it’s essential to apply the concealer under the eyelid area with strokes pointing out towards the chin, more than often, we miss covering the over eyelid area. This is crucial. You can use corrector for those inner eye puffiness. Applying the concealer in the shape of an inverted triangle is exactly what a tired face needs. But, no matter how much you think it is needed, do not over apply concealer, EVER! Use it only where it is needed. Tell yourself aloud again ladies ‘only where it is needed’ and save yourself from a disaster.

10 Beauty Products That Will Make You Look Awake1

4. Eyeliner:

Surprised? Lining your waterline with an eyeliner of nude tone makes your eyes look wide awake. This trick often doesn’t come to mind (because we are obviously worried about not looking fresh!) Although you might have been advised to use a white eyeliner, but a nude toned eyeliner would just blend with the colour of your skin and will not make you look dramatic. Nicely curled eyelashes with the lining of a nude eyeliner on the waterline are exactly what you need to rock that no-makeup look even after a heavy duty night.

10 Beauty Products That Will Make You Look Awake3

5. Lipstick:

Lipsticks are indeed a multipurpose makeup product. If your under eye area gets too dark, it is highly recommended to use a red lipstick under the concealer to cover the bluish, blackish or brownish affected skin. Also, such a day demands that you go light on lips. Using an intense lip shade is only going to make one look older and cause unwanted attention to lip area. Who wants it on a bad day? We have got to add freshness to our face 🙂

10 Beauty Products That Will Make You Look Awake8

6. Highlighter:

You should have a really good highlighter in your vanity to save yourself from all the tiredness of the night before. Apply a hint of it on the inner corner of your eyes. It not only lightens the whole area but also makes the eyes look big, expressive and most importantly awake. Using it for brow bone is a must do. So lovelies, get your highlighter game on point!

10 Beauty Products That Will Make You Look Awake4

7. Illuminator:

An illuminator is a saviour for a tired face. A wise use of illuminator over cheekbones, cupid’s bow and T area adds the much-required radiance. Special tip: Use a peach or golden toned illuminator to give your face an uplifted look with a tapered brush. It is made to give your face a glowy touch. Your dull days can be turned into fresh and bright by using an illuminator mixed with foundation.

8. Eye-shadow:

Eyeshadows work wonders on your tired eyes by either making you a head turner or help in keeping them subtle. On days when you want to add less of makeup and more of freshness to your eyes, use lighter shades. Use a super fluffy brush to apply a relatively darker shade on the outer corners and a comparatively lighter one on the inner half to add both depth and dimension. Avoid using shades that are too intense as they will bring close attention to your eyes. Save it for your best days!

10 Beauty Products That Will Make You Look Awake5

9. Mascara:

There is nothing better than a mascara for giving the eyes an attentive look. A properly applied mascara is going to add that freshness to eyes that we all are so desperately trying to achieve on such days. Apply mascara on your lower lashes too even if you don’t prefer it on the usual days. A voluminous mascara is going to keep the focus glued to your eyes, letting the tired face take a backseat!

10. Mist:

While you can cover concerned areas of the face with makeup, it is very important to keep the glow of your complexion, intact. Find yourself a hydrating mist spray that will keep you all day long. It will not only complete your look but also, it will add the much-needed hydration to your skin, saving it from bothering you on the next day.

10 Beauty Products That Will Make You Look Awake7

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