7 Makeup Tips to Make Your Eyes Look Wide Awake

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Today, we would be talking about makeup tips on how to make your eyes look wide awake. Even if you did not sleep the last night, there is no need to show the world that you are in need of some sleep. Mostly, your eyes look swollen, worn out and droopy due to lack of sleep. Well, if you are seriously looking for out for help that will make your eyes look wide awake, here are some fantastic makeup tips to serve your need.

7 Makeup Tips to Make Your Eyes Look Wide Awake3

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1. Drop Out Black Mascara:

If you want to make your eye look wide awake, try to use more of blue tinted cosmetics as it helps to counteract dullness on the face. In order to impress with eyes, you can swap your black mascara with a blue tinted one. Simply switching over to a blue tinted mascara from a black can do wonders on your face and also save your time.

7 Makeup Tips to Make Your Eyes Look Wide Awake1

2. Exfoliate Your Skin When You Wake Up:

Even though you are feeling sleepy, you need to wake up and exfoliate your skin for a natural glow. Experts say perfect exfoliating can help to get rid of the dark cells and also get rid of the clogged pores on the skin. Use a gentle exfoliator and scrub all over the face and pay attention to the under eye area.

3. Curl your Lashes:

You might have never heard about curling your lashes as soon as you wake up from sleep, but believe me, this is a phenomenal idea to do. This simple step helps in opening up your eyes and give you the wide awake you crave for. Pinch your eye lashes in between the eyelash curler and do this several times. Now, you are good to go with a blue tinted mascara.

7 Makeup Tips to Make Your Eyes Look Wide Awake2

4. Make Use of Peach Color Concealer:

When your skin is tired and dull, it looks darker than your usual complexion color. When your skin is dark due to fatigue, make use of peach color concealer so that it can help to revive your skin tone and also make your skin look fresh. Dab some peach color concealer towards the inner edges of the eye and use a primer for rest of the face. If not peach color, you can also consider using a pink color concealer. This will help to hide the dark shadows on the skin easily.

5. Add a BB Cream:

BB cream can work in several different ways on skin. It can work as a concealer, as a primer, as a tint and also a moisturiser. Using a BB or CC cream can help to give an even coverage to your skin and also hide the blemishes and acne scars on the face. Use a small amount of BB cream all over your face to give an even pigmentation throughout the face.

7 Makeup Tips to Make Your Eyes Look Wide Awake

6. Use Creams with Caffeine Extracts in it:

Caffeine is one of the incredible ingredients that help to boost the functioning of a human body and also make you feel energetic. The effect of caffeine on the skin is the same as it helps to rejuvenate your skin. Use an eye cream that contains caffeine extracts and massage the area for several minutes. You can a see a lot of difference later.

7. Go for Bold Lipsticks:

When your eyes cannot be an attention seeker, look out for distraction. You can distract someone’s attention with your bold and shimmery lipstick. Wearing a bold lipstick can draw attention from tired eyes and put it on your lovely pout. Make sure you choose a color which matches your skin tone and looks perfect.

7 Makeup Tips to Make Your Eyes Look Wide Awake4

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