10 Super Simple Hacks to Fake a Thick Hair

By Chanchala Bose

Hii Beauties,

Thick and full hair is a dream come true for every girl. But, sadly that’s not the reality for every girl. And owing to the stress and pollution scenes at present, hair fall and hair thinning is a regular concern. So, what can come to your aid are the hair hacks that will help you to fake a full hair.

10 Super Simple Hacks to Fake a Thick Hair

So, here at IMBB we are presenting you with some of the easy peasy hair hacks that will help you to fake that full and thick hair within no time;

1. Use Rounded Brush:


If you want to go for straight sleek look, then paddled brushes should be your choice. And for that extra fake volume, rounded brushes should be your pick. And when rounded brushes combined with blow dry, then you get that superstar volume.

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2. Use products containing alcohol:

Products containing alcohol, might dry out your scalp a bit but at least they will not weigh down your hair. Hair products containing oil and silicones will weigh down your hair.

3. Apply dry shampoo at night:


When you apply dry shampoo and it stays on your hair for overnight, then it works on the roots and lifts them beautifully by the morning. And also the sleeping pattern will automatically add natural curls and waves to your hair.

4. Lift your ponytail:


Try to add some bobby pins at the bottom part of your ponytail. This will add volume and body to your ponytail. This will give a boost to your ponytail and instantly provide good volume.

5. Highest Ponytail trick:


Before you doze off to sleep, tie your hair into the highest possible pony tail with a light elastic hair band. And when you sleep with it, then you can see lots of volume when you wake up in the morning. In the night, the roots will be naturally lifted and you will be able to enjoy natural waves and curls.

6. Reverse straightening trick:

Instead of running the straightener down your hair, try to begin straightening from the lower end and then move upwards. This will tease your hair and give your fine hair also boost and volume.

7. Apply eye shadow on your partings:


We all have a bit of gap in the hair line. But how to deal with it? Apply an eye shadow close to your hair colour. This will give a fuller scalp appearance.

8. Skip serums and conditioners:

You must remember that, for thin hair dryness should be your best friend. So, skip serums and conditioners, It’s essential oils and moisturization to your hair and weigh them down.

9. Try different parting:

Your hair might look thin because of the similar style. So, try to use a different side parting. This will give you new look and nice volume.

10. Toothbrush Trick:


Using hair sprays directly may make your hard and crunchy. So, spray a bit of hair spray on the toothbrush and then bristle it on your hair. This will provide beautiful waves and curls to your hair.

So, aren’t this bizarre hair hacks very easy to achieve that fuller hair? Share some more hacks if you know them in the comments down below.

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