10 Things that should Stay Constant Even After Marriage!

Dating and courtship are undoubtedly the best times that a couple spends and that is the reason they are called the “Golden Period of a Relationship”. Most often, after the enjoyment phase of being married, settling down with your partner, going for an amazing honeymoon is over, couples tend to get caught up with their daily lives yet again and then kids follow! Due to all this, the relationship between the partners does not remain the same, even though the love is still there, the spark goes missing! Below are a few things that both of you must keep doing to keep the spark alive and never let your relationship turn into a boring one!
married couple

1. Never miss an opportunity to say “I love you” to each other no matter what! Be it a text message, a phone call or just saying those magical words out of nowhere. Say it like you mean it! Your spouse will never get bored of hearing those beautiful words from you!

2. Date nights shall not become history once you are married! Plan date nights together, or surprise one another by booking a table at your favorite restaurant, going to the movies together and also talk about things that you enjoyed while you were dating and try to do them again! Little things go a long way, and talking about them may just want both of you to live the time again!
romantic dinner

3. Role play sets up the mood and adds an adventurous tone to the atmosphere, before making love off course! It is a great way to spice your relationship a little bit, especially when things get boring and you need to add that dose of romance!

4. Spontaneity in a relationship can be extremely cool, just pick up those car keys and grab your partner along for a drive. You could also take them to a weekend trip or just buy them something that they have wanted for a long time. Do as your heart wishes, just the way you used to before you were married!
happy couple

5. Never ever prioritize your work in your relationship, no matter what always make sure to take time out for each other!! You would always make time out before you were married, so why is it difficult now? Quality time is really important for a successful relationship!

6. It is always nice to DUTCH when going out; you obviously won’t pay separately every time you go out for a dinner or movies! Take turns to pay; it is a great way to make each other feel pampered without making the other person feel burdened to take you out each time!

7. Appreciation is very important!! Appreciate your partner for all the little things they do, never criticize their efforts. Thank god for the partner you have and the beautiful life you have been blessed with!
i love you

8. Complement each other whenever you can!! And this does not mean that you compliment them because you have to, do it because you feel that way about them! It is a great way to brighten up your partner’s dull mood!

9. Be in touch with each other, and by this I do not mean that you keep calling every minute of the day to find out what they are doing! A good communication of how are you, I was missing you, where are you is sufficient. Call them, just like you used to before you were hitched!

10. Both you and your partner deserve spending time with family and friends and neither of you need to seek permission of the other to do so! It is a great way to unwind and you need to give them some space!! You never had problems before being married, so why should things change now?
am yours

Never take your partner for granted, no matter how old your relationship gets! You have to spend the rest of your life with them, spend it with love and respect for each other and never let the spark in your relationship die!!

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