12 Essentials for an “After 10 pm” Clutch!

Hey girls!
All decked up for an after-10 party?
As much as we love getting dressed up for a late-night party, something always goes wrong! And we are left wondering, “What went wrong?” The answer to this ultimate question is that most of the times we aren’t prepared! Yes, you read it right. If we spend even 1/4th of the time we spend on getting ready on getting our clutch or bag ready, then we can be prepared for anything the night may bring! Clutches are usually smaller than your regular handbags, so it’s important to pack wisely in order to accommodate essentials in the limited space. Below is the list of some essentials to keep handy.

12 Essentials for an “After 10 pm” Clutch!

1. Mints: It can be your worst nightmare to be talking in a closed gathering with bad breath especially after drinks and garlicky meals. Mints are a blessing in disguise.

2. Cash: You need to carry green paper for those unseen cover charges or tips. Not all places accept cards and I bet you don’t want to be stuck outside a club with no way to get back home!

Dancing Girls

3. Safety pins: Yes! These are life saviours when your strap breaks or the front button of your top falls off while you are busy dancing on the floor!

4. Sanitary pads/tampons: You never know when you might need these. Carry an emergency pack to handle unexpected arrival. You never know, and your best friend might be looking for one as well!

5. Pain killers: A light pain-relieving medicine would come handy in case you are having a headache or body ache.

heel band aids
6. Band aids: These can be used to patch up small cuts and bruises. You can also put them at the back of your feet in case you are wearing high heels or new shoes.

7. Miniature perfume or deodorants: Nobody likes to smell bad while attending a great party. Sweat from dancing or smoke from the pub can make you smell weird! Take some time out to spray a whiff or two to freshen up.

8. Double-duty makeup: You can carry your whole makeup kit in a small clutch. It’s sensible to carry multitasking products like lip and cheek tints, eyeshadow and blush duos etc.

9. Facial wipes/baby wipes: These are an essential component of your clutch to wipe off excess oil or melting makeup from your face after dancing your heart out at the party.

10. Hair pins/rubber bands: I am sure you don’t want to walk around with dishevelled hair after a dance session or walk in the windy night. You can anytime tie your hair neatly with a band to look polished.

debit cards

11. Important cards: Your driver’s licence, ATM, debit or credit card and your emergency contact number on a piece of paper are really important.

12. Condoms: Yes! You read it right. You never know what the night might lead to if you are with your favourite person. Guys don’t have the best track record when it comes to being prepared. So, keep it safe women!

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