10 Bad Habits to Break to Get Naturally Beautiful Skin

Yes, we all spend a lot of money on buying skin care products, but at the same time we all are guilty of destroying our skin due to certain habits. These common mistakes lead to premature ageing of skin and other skin issues. Surprisingly, without your knowledge various daily activities of yours could be sabotaging your skin, check them out here and try to break them as soon as you can!


10 Bad Habits to Break to Get Naturally Beautiful Skin3

Oh well, there are enough reasons to convince you to quit smoking and one such reason is your face! Researchers have proved that smoking dehydrates your skin and also damages your health. It leads to more and more wrinkles on the face that further leads to skin sagging. Study mentions that every cigarette results in reducing age by 2.5 years, and hence this is one habit that you must quit for your skin and health both.

Picking Up The Wrong Products

Newly launched products need to be on our shelves and wardrobe for no specific reason. Somehow, we just feel content to see them there. Surprisingly, picking up the wrong makeup products tends to add more age to the skin and is a hugely common mistake done by all of us. Also, if such products are not meant for your skin type, they could cause irreversible damage.

Not Using Sunscreen

10 Bad Habits to Break to Get Naturally Beautiful Skin5

Skipping the broad spectrum sunscreen is one of the mistakes we all make. Many of us believe that sunscreen is only meant for summers to protect the skin from heat and dust. But, sunscreen should be used every day to keep the skin healthy and to keep skin safe from damage, and of course skin tanning and sunburn. You should use a broad spectrum sunscreen every  single day with an SPF 30 minimum. Make sure you apply it every 2-3 hours if you are going to spend time out in the sun for long.

Drinking Too Much

Drinking alcohol can be one of the reasons why your skin looks aged and dull all the time. Alcohol dehydrates the skin and hence removes all the youthfulness and glow. Alcohol increases the level of inflammatory agents in the skin that, in turn, leads to dull and dry skin. If you love drinking, why not drink some infused water instead? It will help in maintaining the hydration and will also keep your skin looking young and healthy even when you age. This might take some time, but the results will blow your mind!

Cleansing Skin Too Often

10 Bad Habits to Break to Get Naturally Beautiful Skin4

If you think cleansing your face every now and then will keep your skin looking good and radiant, then probably you are contributing in destroying your skin. It is advised to cleanse your face using a cleanser early in the morning and once before going to bed, and that’s about it! You can simply wash your face with water, if it looks dirty and dusty. Using a cleanser more than twice, over dries the skin and as a result it looks dull. Also, it loses all the natural oil required by the skin to stay healthy and happy.

Using Dirty Makeup Brushes

Using dirty makeup brushes on face can trigger acne and breakouts. Brushes should often be cleaned after use and stored in a proper place, so that dust does not settle over them and bacteria does not breed. Dirty brushes lead to clogged pores, improper application, acne, breakouts and other bacterial growth. And, need I tell how much these can affect your skin in short and long term both?

Using Cell Phone for Long

10 Bad Habits to Break to Get Naturally Beautiful Skin2

A study suggests that cell phones can also lead to sagging skin due to the heat released out from the device. Resting your chin or cheeks against your cell phone can lead to breakouts and also the heat tends to clog pores. The heat released from the device tends to soak the moisture content from your skin, ultimately leading to a bad skin.

Not Removing Makeup before Going to Bed

If you attend late night parties often, chances are you sleep with your makeup on. Makeup is made of chemicals and synthesizers that tend to get deep into the epidermis if kept over face for long time. Makeup over face clogs the pores and also leads to breakouts often. If you are experiencing breakouts and acne a lot, pay heel to if and how well you remove your makeup.

Not Dealing with Zits Properly

10 Bad Habits to Break to Get Naturally Beautiful Skin1

What do you do when you get acne? You simply search for an anti acne face wash or try some home remedies to get rid of them quickly. The next possible thing we all are guilty doing is touching them quite often and squeezing them unnecessarily. Squeezing pimples releases bacteria that doubles the risk of acne over face. This commonly leads to inflammation and rise in other acne over face.

Compromising with Sleep Quality

Less than 8-10 hours of skin ultimately leads to dull and dry skin. Sleep deprivation can lead to various skin conditions including acne and psoriasis. Sleeping helps to repair the damaged cells that ultimately slows down the ageing process over skin. Getting enough sleep can bless you
with youthful and gorgeous skin.

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4 thoughts on “10 Bad Habits to Break to Get Naturally Beautiful Skin

  1. Really great points Rima! I’m guilty of the cellphone thing. I’d like to mention that psoriasis is neither caused nor aggravated due to lack of sleep or bad sleep quality. I’ve been having psoriasis, mild eczema and rosacea for many years now and none of them flare up due to sleep issues! I have even verified this with my dermatologist. Sorry if you feel bad about me pointing this out.

    1. Not only you, each and every girl is guilty for using cell phone. As we are growing young, we want to get gorgeous skin, but surprisingly we are destroying it using cell phones and hanging up on calls.

      And thankyou for the information, it helped me and other IMBB users too 🙂

  2. I do not drink or smoke, so I am at an advantage. But, I do not use sunscreen much. You have pointed out some very good points.

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