Effective Skin Care Tips For Night Shift Working Girls

By Sheetal Maurya

Today, I am writing this article for all those beauties, who work in night shift. We read many skin care tips for people, who work in 9 to 5 slot. But, what about those people, who work in night shift? It has been observed that people, who work in night shift suffer from obesity, stress, early signs of ageing, irregular eating habits, hair loss and most fatal insomnia.

Night Shift Working Girls

Some say that people, who work in night shift do not have to worry about the same problem as those, who work in day shift. But, our body naturally desires sleep at night and most of the night shift workers do not get effective sleep in morning. In short, working all night lays an additional stress on your body and skin making it tired and tired skin is unhappy skin. Hence, follow some effective skin care tips to enliven your skin.

Follow CTM and Under Eye Cream:

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You need to prepare your skin before going to work. Cleanse you face with your favorite face wash and use a toner to further cleanse your face. Before applying your regular ‘day time’ moisturizer, apply some excellent under eye cream followed by day time moisturizer, as staying up all night can give you undesirable dark circles and puffy eyes. Make sure you apply your ‘night cream’ before going to sleep in morning as skin absorbs moisture much faster, when we are sleeping. Always make sure you follow a good CTM regimen, before you begin work and when you are done with your work.

Take A Good Sleep:

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A good sleep is vital for your body and skin, as during sleep our skin renews itself. Lack of sleep not only affects your look but even your skin, hair and nails. Make sure that is no interruption in your sleep by turning off your mobile phone and blocking out the day light with heavy curtains.

Tackle Digestion Problem:

Digestion problem can lead to acne. So, it is very important to maintain a good digestion. Our body takes six to eight hours to digest food. Try to get a gap of at least five hours, before going bed. So, if you are planning on going to bed immediately when you reach home, then eat five hour before your shift is over. This way you can provide your body a proper time to digest food without interrupting your sleep.

Stay Hydrated:

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Your body needs the same amount of water as it requires in day time, even if you are working at odd hours. Water is very essential for your skin and health. Try to drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water, per day. If you are suffering from obesity, then drink ice cold water. Your body have to work harder to warm it up, leading your metabolism high. This trick will help you fight obesity and to keep you energized.

Take Short Walk:

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During break, if you get time, then try to get a short walk. This will trigger your body and remind it that it is work time. Your skin will stay healthy, if it is exercised regularly.

Maintain Healthy Diet :

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Be sure to eat snacks those are full of vitamins such as nuts, fruits and vegetables. It is important to treat your body as you would during the daytime because you are doing the daytime activity at night. You are supposed to eat 6 teaspoons of sugar per day, so try to cut down sugar in coffee or tea. Avoid packed beverages and health drink, as they have excess amount of sugar. High sugar intake can disturb collagen production leaving wrinkles. If you want to keep away from sleep at office hours, then drink lots of water.

Use Sunscreen:

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The sun has risen, you are at work and you think there is no need to apply sunscreen. But, here you go wrong. Apply sunscreen early in the morning, when the sun comes out because sun can still damage your skin through window.

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      1. Yeah, I know a couple of people who used to work night shift. And I always used to think that it must be so difficult for them 🙁

  1. I really really hate the night shift, as a nurse with sudden shifting schedule, I am worn out easily, and my biggest problem is, eventhough my face is the same (meaning same make up and stuff) I get more oily at night, and lots of acne. Which is weirding me out, because I only stay inside, the lights are dim, and it is not that hot anymore, unlike in the day which is usually hot, since I am from a rain and shine country.

    Why do I get more oily at night??

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