5 Minor Changes for Major Impact on Your Health

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With today’s article, I would like to grab your attention towards some changes we need for a healthy life. Choosing healthier alternatives can add years to your life. There is no point of having a great bank balance but poor health. A healthy you is definitely the best version of you. If you would like to have some major positive impacts on your health with simple minor changes in your day to day life, kindly read on to know about them.
5 minor changes in lifestyle

1. Cut the caffeine:
say no to caffeine
Oops! I said it. I know I did turn you off. You are already frowning but you do need to decrease the intake of tea, coffee and other caffeinated drinks. If you have been addicted to tea or coffee for years, you’re going to find it hard to control the urge. If skipping even a single cup from your daily intake gives you splitting headaches, boy! You are already severely addicted to caffeine. Side effects are sleep disorders, stomach irritation, diarrhea etc. For women, it can aggravate the rate of Osteoporosis as it increases the amount of calcium flushed out in urine.
TIP – Start having decaffeinated drinks and then slowly switch to Green tea, flavored water, milk shakes and other tastier ‘healthier’ drinks.

2. Include salad:
eat salads
If you suddenly lose your appetite at the very first glance of salads, you are on your way to many health issues already. Each serving of salad has plenty of health benefits like better digestion, controlling weight and strengthening your immune system. Many studies have already proved that including salad in your diet increases those key nutrients which act as defenders against cancer, heart diseases, blood pressure fluctuations and skin disorders like premature ageing.
TIP – Replace those mini snack attacks with salad. To pack them with flavor, add dressings, sesame seeds, roasted peanuts, cashew nuts, lime juice, chat masala etc. There are so many recipes to make that bland salad taste even better than those deep fried pakodas.

3. Wake up early:
wake up early
If you are going to skip this point and jump straight onto fourth, pretending counting doesn’t matter , you are going to skip something really important . If you are not a morning person, you have literally thrown alarm clocks in agitation, missed school bus, stood in late line at school and…wait a minute I have annoyed you enough with the list. You know you don’t wake up early, period! Studies show people who wake up early are pro-active, better planners, physically fit and mentally alert . Researchers say if you go to bed early and then wake up early taking a proper good night sleep, your body will tune with the earth’s circadian rhythms, which enables more healthier sleep for the next night.
TIP – Put your favorite song as your alarm tune. Ask your mum, dad or anyone to draw your curtains in the morning as sunlight stimulates your body and wakes you up nicely rather than feeling gawky.

4. Eat fruit, don’t drink it:
fruit vs juice
An orange is anytime better than a glass of orange juice. Juices are nutritious, but not more than a whole fruit full of fiber and roughage. Fruits are fresher and tastier alternatives to juices. Most of the juices available in the market are full of preservatives, sugar and even artificial flavors. Fruits can be added to your bowl of cereals, oats, pancakes and custards.
TIP – Use low calories yogurt as a dipping, sprinkle chat masala or drizzle honey on your fruit salad. Always make sure you have fruits in your fridge. If you have kids, keep a big bowl of fruits with jelly to make it more appealing for them. Take some fruits to your work, they don’t spill 😉

5. A Break from technology:
toilet vs cellphone
Every once in a while try to take a break from your smart phones, laptops, play stations, iPods and all. That constant tensed muscle, red dry itching eyes with weird headaches are the result of spending too much time staring on screens of your smart devices. Probably that pain in the neck is also a side-effect of too much “whatsapping” and late night chats on phone. This condition is called ‘Text neck’. And now ladies, a dirty fact , your smart phones are colonies for germs. A study was released in 2012 stating there are more bacteria on your smart phone than your toilet seat. Your recent diarrhea might have been caused by your smart phone only.
TIP – Clean your smart phone. Use hand sanitizer on a cotton pad, let it dry a bit and then clean it properly. NEVER use your phone while eating. Avoid getting hooked to your smart devices for the sake of your body posture and hygiene.

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