5 Most Sensual Lipstick Colors that’ll Grab His Eyes

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Well, many girls have their eyes as the prettiest feature. But, in my case, I have lips as my best feature. So, I am always more interested in buying new lipsticks rather than going for new eyeshadow palettes. So, if you are exactly the same as me, then my today’s post is going to be interesting for you. I am here to share the five hottest lip shades that your man is always going to fall in love with.

1. Red Rules

Among all the lip shades, crimson shade holds the guys’ eyes for longest. This is because this hue is linked to a strong reward which attracts the most. I am a big fan of the bold red lips.

2. Orange Crush

orange lipstick makeup
A matte orange color is fine but usually, men find a glossy lip color more attractive than the matte ones. So, here I am talking about a glossy orange lip color that gives you a super sensual look. For this, you need to layer two coats of a high shine orange lip gloss on bare lips to get a perfect pout.

3. Flirty Fuchsia

This is actually a hot pink shade (a glossy fuchsia is better). We are also seeing fuchsia shades coming back into the trend too. at red carpets. You can always experiment with this shade and pair it up with heavy or light makeup, as you like.

4. Provocative Pink

pink lips
A baby pink shade makes a sexy statement when it is applied with a classy thin winged liner. Baby pink looks even hot when it is opaque. Many of us do apply this baby pink shade as a lip tint which looks amazing too. This lip color always manages to catch men’s fancy. A highly pigmented baby pink lip shade can be a great try, especially for medium to fair skin tones.

5. Naughty Nude

Finally, here is a nude shade which usually sends sensuous messages to men. This completely naked lip look can be rocked in various ways that you can easily handle. The best trick could be to prepare your lips with a concealer first to remove those pink undertones. Then, swipe a creamy lip shade that complements your skin tone. Well, just like red , you need to find a perfect nude shade for your skin tone too. Nude can be worn by dusting a bronze or gold shimmer eye shadow in the middle for a more bold metallic look.

Lakme lipsticks

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