11 Situations No Woman Should Apologize For

Hey girls!

Apologizing is really an important part of our nature. Especially girls apologize more than usual and more than what is required. Men are perfectly correct in this way. They do not apologize as frequently and for each and every thing. They are actually right in this perspective of being a little blunt and not apologizing for the things that are not worth a sorry. So let us read about 11 such situations when you are not at all supposed to apologize.

11 Situations No Woman Should Apologize For

1. When you want to pay only for what you ate

This happens with almost all of us. We go out with friends, order various things and all of them plan to split the bill, but that is not the case for you. You order just a doughnut or something so you should not split the bill and pay just for what you ate.

2. On paying full price for buying the same product

When there is that last red dress left in the store, and your friend and you both like that. If at that time, you have enough cash to buy that dress and you do, then don’t be sorry. It was just a dress.

3. When you hate your new haircut

getting a bad haircut

Even if you say this while your hairdresser has spent hours on your hair! Don’t be sorry for this situation if you say this in front of a man holding scissors because at the end he will be paid for this and you will have to bear those expenses and…poufy bangs.

4. For working while on a vacation

I know friends hate to see that single person working even on a vacation but trust me you don’t need to be sorry because that is the reason you are so active and successful today.

5. If you don’t find someone attractive

couple on date

I don’t know why I have always had such friends in my life. They find a guy who looks attractive to them, they make me meet him and I don’t like that guy a lot and then I say that straight to my friends. Then, I have to bear their bad looks. Why should I be sorry for sharing my personal views?

6. On your pay day

When you get a promotion or when you earn more than your friends. You should not be sorry at all. That is the reward of your hard work. You could encourage your friends for earning more the next time, but don’t be sorry.

7. When you don’t text back instantly

I know all of us do this. But according to apology rules, this is not necessary. If you were ignoring someone personally then you should be sorry to him. But if you were busy in some work and could not reply, then don’t ever be sorry. Just explain the reason later.

8. When making your guy wait

making man wait for call

When he gets super angry after waiting for hours, then you should say sorry at least once. But when you got stuck in the traffic or met with a little accident or some other urgent situation, don’t be sorry. Simple.

9. When you go out without your boyfriend

Sometimes those couple-entry things suck. Why should I be with him always and everywhere? I am not that person, I mean I always want him to be with me because we have the same friends group. But if you someday go out without him, don’t be sorry. Just enjoy the time!

10. After proving a point

When you constantly argue on a particular matter and you finally prove a point, no need to apologize at that time. Feel great on doing so instead of being sorry.

winning an arguement

11. Before or after giving your opinion

Using “excuse me” is OK. But using “sorry” before or after giving your opinion is completely wrong and not desired at all. You live in a democratic country and you can express your opinions as and when you want.

These are some basic situations when we feel sorry BUT we shouldn’t! 

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