5 Reasons Why Taking Selfies Is Actually Good For You!

Too many selfies being posted on social media platforms might give people an impression that the person is self-obsessed. Many people may get annoyed when they see someone taking selfies but then, there are certain good things too about this habit. Let us look at the bright side!


1. They teach you to be confident

With a selfie, you can celebrate the moments when you feel your best and share them with the world. You learn to be confident and comfortable in your own skin.

2. You learn to love yourself

There will be those times when you take a great selfie and you suddenly find yourself filling up with pride. “This is totally my good side”, “I love how my eyes look” and so on. You learn to appreciate yourself and love yourself.

3. They capture the emotion

5 Reasons Why Taking Selfies Is Actually Good For You!
Have you ever taken a vacation selfie? What about the one before or after the party? How about a selfie right after you have slipped on the engagement ring and showing it off in your selfies too? You’ll often remember the great gush of joy or how immensely stylish you felt watching your own face in the picture and reminiscing vividly how it must’ve felt.

4. They are a motivation

fitness selfie
Taking selfies at the gym or while exercising, sometimes aptly called “Healthies” can be very beneficial. If you are looking for motivation and encouragement, posting a healthie of yourself and getting positive comments is almost better than seeing the weight come off. It keeps you motivated to religiously follow your fitness or care routine.


5. A form of art

Apart from mere editing, selfies can actually be a form of art. It will help you master your perfect angle, learn about the different and best forms of lightning and about experimenting with backgrounds, to get the perfect selfies. It also lets you play with your imagination and expression.

So now that we know about the brownie points of taking selfies, are you going to show some love to yourself regularly? Stay beautiful! Keep loving yourself!

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