6 Daily Habits You Don’t Realize are Hurting Your Skin

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All of us want a flawless face. No zit, no post acne marks, no scarring, no pores, no wrinkles, and rest you know. A perfect looking skin is always on our wishlist and we invest our time, money and efforts to achieve that. But, on a daily basis, we knowingly or unknowingly tend to harm our skin. These habits might be the reason you are yet to achieve that flawless face tag. Please keep reading to find out which habits you should refrain from.

6 Daily Habits You Don't Realize are Hurting Your Skin

1. Pillow and you

woman pillow

Our face gets in contact with the pillowcase all the time. No matter how hard you try to sleep straight, once you sleep you slowly get into your favorite position – that “face in the pillow” position we all love. So, you need to get soft pillows and softest pillowcases ever. Silk pillowcases are advised if you wish to slow down the process of ageing. They are expensive so at least get softer ones if you do not want to spend too much on a pillowcase. Also, change your pillowcases every day if you have acne issues.

2. Splashing water vigorously

Whenever you wash your face, please make sure you are gently doing everything. Right from applying face wash to splashing water to get rid of the foam and gunk. Splashing hard won’t get you any better cleansing; it would rather harm your delicate facial skin. Always pat water onto your face rather than splashing and then rubbing hard.

3. Temperature violations

woman driving car

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Your skin is very sensitive to sudden temperature changes and you can feel it while going from an AC environment to sunlight. Make sure you regulate the AC temperatures at home, office and in cars before you step outside. Keep your skin moisturised and sun protected when going out in broad daylight. We all know the importance of SPF, don’t we ?

4. Too much tea or coffee

Some of us have the habit of drinking 4 to 5 cups of tea or coffee on a daily basis. Yes, the caffeine kicks and makes you work like a Ninja, but it’s very harmful for your health. Firstly, your skin does feel fatigued when you are having excessive tea or coffee. It also disturbs your natural sleep cycle and your body system in the long run. You can start replacing that unhealthy tea or coffee with a cup of green tea, to begin with.

5. Picking on whiteheads

You see a whitehead and you feel like getting rid of this nasty little bugger right at that moment. Girl, remember your hands might be full of germs and you are going to leave this pore open to polluted air and then it’s going to become a never-shrinking pore. There are so many risks attached to this picking habit. Keeping hands off your face is very important for a flawless skin.

6. Unhealthy dinner

fast food for dinner

Even if you are a fast food lover, try to avoid fast food as a dinner. This will prevent your face from looking puffy and bloated in the morning. Too much oil, spices and salt in fast food are very harmful if taken as the last meal of the day. Eat fast food early in the day (if you must) and compensate with a hearty bowl of salad to have enough roughage in the system. Drink lots of water and add lemon wedges to add a detox effect.

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