6 Everyday Habits that Lead to Clogged Pores

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We always try our best to keep our face clean, by washing it in regular intervals, exfoliating it to remove any dead skin cells and use some occasional facial masks to brighten up our skin. But, certain skin care habits or makeup products can be a reason for clogged pores. Pores are the small openings in our facial skin that help our skin to breathe. These pores can get clogged by sebum, dead skin cells, as well as dirt. Clogged pores can lead to acne and blemishes. Apart from maintaining a good skin care regime, still, there are chances of developing clogged pores.


Read on to know about the common habits that lead to clogged pores and simple tips to avoid them.

6 Everyday Habits that Lead to Clogged Pores:

1. Touching your Face with Dirty Hands:
Throughout the day, our facial skin is subjected to varying temperate conditions. In air conditioned environments, our skin dries out resulting in the formation of dry patches. The itchiness caused by this kind of dryness urges us to wipe/scratch our face with dirty hands. In hot and humid conditions, the oil and sweat secreted on our face results in wiping/scratching our skin with dirty hands. The dirt and germs present on our fingers get deposited on our face, causing infections and acne. It is always advisable to use a clean handkerchief or blotting papers. Try the Nyx Green Tea Blotting Paper to avoid touching your face directly with your fingers. Also, wash your hands properly at regular intervals.


2. Using Dirty Spectacles or Sunglasses:
Another reason for clogged pores is dirty spectacle/sunglass. The pores on our cheeks and nose are usually the largest and are susceptible to clogging. Using dirty spectacles can allow the dirt to deposit on those pores, thereby causing stubborn acne. Many of us don’t know this reason, but it is important to clean your spectacles/sunglasses regularly. Make it a habit of washing your spectacles in the shower, or use cleansing wipes to clean them properly at regular intervals.


3. Product Build-up:
Yes, there is such a condition called as product build–up on our skin. Excessive usage of beauty products can cause clogging of pores, thereby resulting in excessive thinning of the facial skin. A common myth about skin care is, if a product doesn’t work for you, you tend to use it more than what is required. But, one should use suitable skin care products to avoid such problems. Skin care products should be bought according to one’s age. Some anti-wrinkle creams can cause clogged pores if it is applied on a younger person’s skin. If certain skin care products are not working for you, try going for professional treatments and follow a proper skin care regime.


4. Incorrect Application of Masks and Scrubs:
Occasionally, we use certain face masks for deep cleansing our face. But, the incorrect application can lead to overstretched pores thereby, making your skin more susceptible in accumulating the dirt. It is always advisable to use cold water after washing the face mask to shrink the pores. While using clay masks, do not allow them to dry completely as it causes excessive dryness. Dry skin is more susceptible to enlargement of pores and results in clogging. Follow the same procedure while using face scrubs also. Exfoliating your skin regularly help in removing the dirt and dead skin cells.


5. Lack of Moisture:
Usage of inadequate moisturising and hydrating products are also the reason for clogged pores. Our skin cells require moisture to function properly. Without the required amount of moisture, our pores tend to become dry and hard. Our skin needs adequate moisture to absorb the required vital nutrients else, it will sit on the surface of the skin and clog up the pores.


6. Using Dirty Towels:
Usage of dirty towels for our face can result in clogging of pores. The dirt and germs can deposit on our thoroughly cleansed face, which is the ideal surface for microbial growth. Wash your towels regularly and dry them properly. Humid areas like bathrooms can stimulate the growth of bacteria on the towel.Always use a separate towel for your face and body. For best results. try washing them thrice a week.


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