NYX Green Tea Blotting Paper Review

By Samrita Narwal.

Ola Bonita Chica’s!

I feel like with writing for IMBB, I am helping solve your beauty problems, one crisis at a time. Now I’ve mentioned my oily nose and temperamental oily forehead and chin area a few times and my huge issue was taking care of the oil that emerges in these areas without actually disturbing my foundation and other make up that I had on. It’s like my prayers were answered when I discovered blotting papers in high school. Thank you beauty gods! Or goddesses? Regardless, blotting papers have been a part of my purse essentials wherever I might be and today I am reviewing for you beautiful divas, another one of NYX’s oil control blotting papers. (Aaah, this job’s hard, isn’t it? Hehehe!)
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Product description:

NYX’s Green Tea Blotting Papers are a part of their new launch with Tea Tree and Blemish Control blotting papers being the other ones from this line. They’ve also had their matt blotting papers around for a while. The Green Tea Blotting Papers come in a slim, purse friendly light green packaging. It is just about the size of your palm and is very thin. The flip top cardboard lid tucks in to close and for some reason the heart sticker on it is extremely sticky causing the tab to rip at times, so be gentle when opening this initially! They also have one safety, protector white paper in the front. These Green Tea papers are not plain; they have dusted freckles all over the blotting paper.

Product claims:
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Calcium Carbonate, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract


USD 5.99 for 100 sheets but is also available in India at your nearest Sephora for INR 570.
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My experience with the NYX Green Tea Blotting Paper:

I am very happy I found these especially since the blue plastic-ky Clean and Clear blotting sheets that I used for years and years were suddenly unavailable. Blotting sheets are something that my girlfriends and I bond over when in the ladies room, blotting away our excess facial oil while catching up on the latest gossip we can’t discuss once we’re out of the restroom and in front of the men folk. The NYX Green Tea Blotting Papers have stepped in for my older ones wonderfully. They are non-scented, unlike the NYX Tea Tree one’s from the same line. An odd paper might have a bit of a smell when I blot very near my nose, but it doesn’t linger at all and it isn’t funky or anything. What is amazing about this particular Green Tea one is that they are not powdered; I have no idea why some different Sephora one’s that I bought earlier were. Those left a powdery white cast on my face and I was very confused as to how to get rid of that- these ones are perfect thought!
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I use these at least 4 to 6 hours after I’ve applied my makeup, depending on local weather conditions and these are pretty easy to use. You have to be delicate when removing a single blotting paper from the packet as you would not want these to tear! Once out, I just gently blot these on my face in a dabbing motion. I would not suggest you rub these on your face, this can cause minor abrasions, plus the whole idea is to remove your natural facial oils without disturbing your makeup, silly! Most of my oil production is on my nose, but this picks up oil from my whole face and neck and easily reaches all the nooks and crannies. It also leaves my face feeling lighter and fresh, this is because it does such a good job removing all the excess oil. I am very impressed with its ability to leave my makeup on my face un moved and my foundation does not get blotchy or smudged with this. It doesn’t leave any tingly or funny feelings on my face, especially my cheek area, so I know that people with sensitive skin will love this too! I love that I can remove all the mid day shine off my face super efficiently in under 30 seconds. If you have very oily skin though I imagine you would need more than one sheet to remove all the oil on your face, but there are 100 in a pack, mine is 2 months old and still going strong!
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After usage:

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Pros of NYX Green Tea Blotting Paper:

  • Easy to use
  • Non-powdered
  • Cheap
  • Non-perfumed

Cons of NYX Green Tea Blotting Paper:

Be gentle, they tear easily!

Would I repurchase or recommend the NYX Green Tea Blotting Paper?

Oh absolutely, I’m looking forward to trying out the other ones from the NYX line too!

IMBB Rating:


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