6 Secrets To Long-Lasting Makeup

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It has been so long since I sat with a hot cup of my favorite cardamom tea and wrote a post for all you lovely ladies. I was so busy with an entrance test and then I cracked it, yay! Now waiting for the interview day. Wish me luck angels 🙂 Coming back to today’s post, I would like to tell you that it is all about long-lasting makeup. Humidity , harsh sun rays , sweat and a dozen of other reasons can spoil your beautiful makeup in a jiffy. So, you need some really easy but practical tips to help your makeup stay nicely until you yourself wash it off . Please keep reading to unlock the secrets of long lasting makeup.

6 Secrets To Long-Lasting Makeup

1. Check the pH balance of your products:

To begin with, we all need clean and prepped face to apply all that makeup. Even the most expensive foundation won’t sit nicely on your face if skin has not been prepped before. And, for prepping you need to balance the pH level first so that your facial skin is neither too dry or stretchy nor too oily and tacky. For this, you are going to need a pH balancing toner and a nice moisturizer to lock its goodness.

6 Secrets To Long-Lasting Makeup products

2. Apply a non-slipping primer:

Some primers tend to move when the skin beneath produces sebum. Very light-textured silicon primers are hard to make stay put all day long. Using a thick primer and working it in to fill in the pores and fine lines will help your makeup stay throughout the day. You can also try a combination of primers for different parts of your face. Like oil-controlling primer for t zone and a moisturizing one for dry cheeks and sides of lips.

3. Use a waterproof foundation:

If you want to look gorgeous, just like you did the next moment after finishing your makeup, then you need to invest in a nice waterproof foundation. This will solve your sweating, melting face and creasing issues, but remember less is more, and you need to work in the thinnest layer possible to avoid cakey foundation.

6 Secrets To Long-Lasting Makeup applying makeup

4. Don’t forget setting powder:

Rather than compact, use a loose setting powder to set that foundation in place. Setting powders like Laura Mercier Translucent setting powder and NARS Loose Setting Powder are known for their base locking properties. A number of YouTube makeup gurus and celebrity stylists swear by it and also use these to bake under eyes and under contour for more definition.

5. Use an eye primer:

Eye makeup is the first thing which starts to fade away crazily. Also, creasing (if you have hooded eyes) spoils the whole look and then your makeup looks messed up. An eye primer helps in numerous ways – making your eyeshadow pop up more than ever, they don’t budge, and the creasing problem gets solved . If you are going to work with dark pigments like cranberry , black , deep browns, it’s better to do the eye makeup first and then the whole face.

6 Secrets To Long-Lasting Makeup mirror

6. Prepare thy lips:

There are a few few lipsticks which stay put all day long and survive meals. To increase the wear time of your lipstick and your makeup, sleep with a heavy application of Vaseline on your lips. Overnight, it will soften the lips and in the morning, you can gently scrub off the dead skin. Then use a light moisturizer, matching lip liner, and over that, your lipstick. You can also spray a little makeup setting spray on a cotton makeup removing pad and dab it to lock your lipstick. Liquid lipsticks also budge lesser than the traditional bullet ones, and yes, don’t forget to set your whole face with the same spray to rock a long-lasting glam makeup look.

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