6 Things to Keep in Mind while Choosing Flats to Create an Illusion of Height

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Don’t we all love the comfy feeling offered by flats? No worries of tumbling and no issues of straining your feet. However many of us aren’t blessed with inches (maybe except around waist) and love to add a few extra inches to our frame. Today’s post will reveal some tricks which will help to elongate your look even while wearing flats.


1. Expose your feet

This is perhaps the most effective way to look taller in flats. You should choose flats that expose most of your feet. The more skin you show, the longer your legs you look. So whether you’re going for ballerinas or sandals, choose a pair that does not fully cover your feet.

2. Pair it up with shorts and skirts


Flats look best when paired with clothing items that expose your legs. Try choosing shorts, skirts and dresses which end well above knee so as to create an illusion of slimmer and longer legs. Wear nice gladiators, plimsolls or even sneakers with a firm sole with these short outfits. Not only you look ‘tall and slim’, but you will be recognized as a chic fashionista.

3. Avoid ankle straps

As stated in the preceding point, skirts help to create an illusion of height, but can look wary if not styled properly. If you are on the shorter side, choose flat shoes without ankle straps. Ankle straps cut your ankle and highlight the width of your legs. Shoes with minimum straps and buckles look best for girls with short height.

4. Go the skinnier route


I am sure you love your skinny jeans. And here’s an important trick to style it the right way. While wearing skinny jeans, look for flats that are sleek and feminine. Avoid bulky closed shoes if you want to look taller. Choose pointed flats or delicate sandals. Nude pointed ballerinas are the best types of shoes that will make you look taller in skinny jeans and that too with no effort!

5. Show off your neck

A tried-and-tested way to fake height while wearing flats is to draw attention to your upper body, especially your neck. Wear V-neck tops or tops with interesting necklines. Jazz them up with statement neckpieces that capture attention of people. This way your not-so-tall frame will not be in focus.

6. Play safe with monochrome


Monochromes have been our go-to outfit pieces for as long as they existed. Solid colours have a slimming effect and make you appear taller than you actually are. If you want to show off your beautiful flats, refrain from choosing dresses or tops with heavy work or print. Play safe with single colored knee length dresses and pair them up with flats that do the talking.

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