6 Tips to Make Him More Romantic!

Hi ladies,
This is like the ultimate question I ask myself! How can I make him more romantic? I have been dating the best guy in this world from past few years but there is one thing that sets us apart, I am a diehard romantic and he is the man of very few words. But lately, he has warmed up to the concept of showing love and romancing! Let’s find out what you can do to make him shower love and romance on you.

6 Tips to Make Him More Romantic!

1. Spend enough time together

If you do not give each other the gift of time, then begin by doing this. You will definitely open up more to your partner and he will definitely get to know a little more about you and what you need! Talking on the phone does not work for everybody. Sometimes you just have to meet in person.

2. Do it yourself!

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Yes your guy will learn a lot if you will lead by example. If you think your guy loves you but is uncomfortable about the whole idea of romance then why not you show him how it is done! Do things that he likes and let him feel special for a change and he will surely take hints for the next time.

3. Send him cute texts

Yes, you be that teenage girl in love and send those cute lovey dovey messages to him when he is least expecting them. He will definitely grin from ear to ear all day long and will surely reciprocate the same in a more loving way.

4. Understand his mindset

Don’t make him feel bad for something he doesn’t know about! Everyone’s idea of romance is different. For some, extravagant romantic gestures are romantic but for a few others, a hearty conversation on the phone could be romantic as hell! So understand your guy’s sensibilities before criticizing him about it. And don’t ever compare him with others!

5. Tell him!

If you think all your efforts are going in vain, then have a conversation with him about it. Most guys are unable to pick subtle gestures so you need to tell them directly.

6. Appreciate him

Even if he does something remotely romantic, never forget to appreciate him for that. An appreciated man is a happy man. He will love it and will definitely try to do more just to see you happy and also get praised by you!

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  1. Haha…I really liked the article “Make Him More Romantic”. I didn’t know we could do that! Where do you get guys who propose in front of the whole world and guys who love surprising their GFs every other day from? -_-

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