7 Common Hair Washing Mistakes Every Woman Must Avoid

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How are all of you doing? Hair plays such an important role when it comes to our beauty, but sometimes it is not in its best shape. So, if you suddenly notice that your hair has gone from amazing to insipid, you must look into your hair washing techniques, may be that is the main reason why your hair is getting worse. We often make some mistakes while washing our hair and that is why it goes through all this chaos. Let’s see what you must not do while you wash your hair in order to keep your tresses in the best of health and beauty. 😉

7 Common Hair Washing Mistakes Every Woman Must Avoid

1. You do not use enough water: This is one of the main reasons why your hair has become so bland. Every time you shampoo and condition your hair, it is necessary that you wash your hair thoroughly under running water for at least two minutes; this makes sure that there is no residue, which can lead to itching of the scalp and scaling, is not left in your hair. Rinsing out traces of the products you use plays a vital role in maintaining your hair.

2. You lather, rinse and then go all over again: This is one of the most common mistakes that all of us make. Forget this old school hair washing style, because your hair does not require to be washed more than once. Lathering, rinsing and repeating will strip off all the natural oils from your hair, making it look dull and lifeless.

3. You over wash your tresses: It is unimportant that you wash your hair every day, unless you have oily hair or you workout everyday. Washing hair with shampoo about two to three times every week is fine, otherwise, you can wash your hair with plain water every day just to get rid of all the grime that has been accumulated over the day, you can follow up with a conditioner if needed.

4. You use extremely hot water: This is one of the reasons why you always end up having dry hair, even after using the most moisturizing shampoo in the market. Hot water dries out the hair and scalp. Warm water can be used to wash your hair, as it opens up the hair cuticles and lets the shampoo get in. But you must end using cold water to close the open cuticles, to have sleek and beautiful tresses.

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5. You are too rough with your hair: We might not notice this, but yeah, we can sometimes get rough while washing our hair, because we either rub the scalp too hard or just use our long nails which can be damaging. Mild circular motions and minimalistic pressure is sufficient for a good hair wash.

6. You are probably using the wrong shampoo: This happens with all of us, be it shampoo or make-up, we end up with the wrong one sometime or the other. You must first analyze your hair type and then get a shampoo. A hydrating shampoo is ideal for dry strands, and a purifying one for oily ones. Also, you just need a little shampoo to rinse out your hair, just as much as a two rupee coin, a lot of shampoo on your hair is only going to leave residue.

7. You are not conditioning the right way: You must neither keep the conditioner on for too long or too less, and you do not need it on your scalp, always ensure that you only condition your hair from your ears down. Leave it on for about five minutes and then rinse off. Having it on for too long will leave hair residue and too less will just not condition properly.

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5 thoughts on “7 Common Hair Washing Mistakes Every Woman Must Avoid

  1. My scalp is quite oily but equally dry strands, did which shampoo should I use to tackle both of them together

  2. I’m tired of excessive hair loss, there’s no hair growth, all i get is stress nd no better results by using herbal shampoo or be it castor oil nd application of vitamin E capsules. I’m so worried that nothing works. I had such long lusturous nd voluminous hair. Please guide me an effective solution to overcome this horrific problem.

  3. My hair gets very oily only after 2 days of washing.I have severe hair loss problems too.I have tried almond oil,olive oil and mustard oil too.But nothing seems to be working.What should I do?

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