7 Common Mistakes You Make while Applying False Eyelashes and How to Fix Them

By Drishti Kumar

Hello pretty ladies,

I am back with an article on the common mistakes you could be making while applying falsies and how to correct these mistakes. Stay tuned!

7 Common Mistakes You Make while Applying False Eyelashes and How to Fix Them

1. Not cutting down falsies to your eye’s size

Huda Beauty Samantha

This is also known as the bird flap effect. When not cut down to an individual’s eye size, falsies can get unglued from the corners and appear to be flapping. Not a very impressive visual, right? To avoid this bird flap effect, you must adjust falsies according to your eyes. Sometimes, when not adjusted properly, the lashes can poke your inner and outer corners too causing irritation and great discomfort.

Pro tip- Measure the falsies according to the size of your eyes and clip off the excess. Don’t do this in a hurry. Do it a night before if you have a big function coming up the next day.

2. Applying black glue on bare lids

clear eyelash glue

This is one of the major sins committed while applying falsies. You should NEVER ever apply a black glue on the day you decide to forgo your black liner or decide to wear no liner at all. And, a beginner should never even dare to pull off such a stunt, else you might end up with raccoon eyes and spoiled makeup base.

Pro tip- Invest in a white glue which dries transparent. If you have to invest in just one glue, go for the white one as this has lesser chances of going wrong and can be used with or without any eyeliner too.

3. Not applying falsies close to lash line

proper application of falsies

This is one mistake that’s committed by both beginners and experts every now and then. This is very common when you are in a hurry or have less time on your hands.
Pro tip- To get your falsies close to your lash line, place them on top of your real lashes and press lightly with the applicator. Also, you can try applying glue to your eyes rather than on the falsies directly. Sometimes the wet glue can also cause the falsies to dislocate, in such a case wait for the glue to dry a little bit first and then re-adjust with tweezers.

4. Merging real and false lashes with mascara

eyelash curler

Firstly, this will ruin and shorten the life of your falsies and secondly this will make it very difficult to take off the falsies without nearly ripping them off or pulling your real lashes.

Pro tip- Instead of merging your lashes and falsies with the mascara, take the help of an eyelash curler and curl your real lashes and falsies together, and then press them together.

5. Applying fake lashes backwards

fixing false eyelashes

This can happen when you are applying lashes in a badly lit room or in the back-seat of your car on the way to your friend’s wedding reception.

Pro tip- In case you notice this folly in the mid of an event, don’t fret. Take the falsies off with the help of a makeup remover which is not oil based and quickly touch up your eyeliner. This process should take around 10 minutes, but it’s better than roaming around with backward lashes.

6. Throwing away lashes after first use or using them a zillion times

Velour Lashes
Ideally, human hair falsies should last you around 5-7 uses and synthetic ones around 20 uses. Yes, you heard it right. Use them less, and waste your bucks. Use them more, end up looking tacky.

Pro tip- Throw your falsies out when they start to look ragged or rip off from the middle.

7. Using fingers instead of applicator

eyelash applicator

Using fingers can get tricky. And, sometimes you can end up ruining your eye shadows with the glue on your lashes.

Pro tip- ALWAYS use the applicator to make the falsies sit on your lash line perfectly.
That’s all for now. Hope you guys liked it. 🙂

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