Inglot False Lashes: 30 N Review and EOTD

Inglot False Lashes: 30 N Review and EOTD

Inglot False Lashes 30 N Review and EOTD


Rs. 500

This is my third purchase from Inglot honestly and I am so confused on getting the lipstick refill pans as I want all or none 😛  So, at the moment, I have held the thought and so I am exploring some other things from Inglot.  Off late, after lipstick and eyeshadows and blushes, I have been going nuts over falsies, which is really new for me. I don’t wear falsies when I go out casually, I just wore it on a special occasion once, but have been trying it out for IMBB and so far I am loving it.  I think falsies are the shortest route to glam doll look, you can keep it minimal or go dramatic but still you need something inside you to wear falsies every time you go out.  I have mustered courage to wear them just once outside for an informal dinner celebration :P, but so far I am loving all the four or five pairs I have.


So, back to the lashes; I ordered them online for 500 rupees when I had also ordered the eyebrow wax and the cute lash curler (read reviews for both on IMBB of course).  I had a hard time deciding on the lashes as most of them were dramatic or coloured (ouch!) or some were very understated/ so I had a hunch these would be a little over the top, but still bought them. The model is 30 N I believe and you may check them out online.



What I liked about the lashes are that these seem to be made of natural hair and have that rough natural look to them. They feel very coarse of course which I don’t really like, but I am not fond of those unnatural, very straight, smooth, plastic-looking ones too.  I have a pair from Basicare, which I am yet to review, but I have reviewed Konad ones here and here, which you can see to compare.


These look a little strange due to the few strands of hair reaching out more than the remaining.  I think the purpose was to make it look natural since obviously no one has lashes in one level like we just got them trimmed, but still I did not like the look of those 5 to 6 hair being longer than the rest. I am not sure if it is visible in the pictures.


In person, these lashes look very dramatic.  They reach the top of the lid and can make any eye glamorous. Its heavy and you don’t need a liner after this. I haven’t used one either in the pictures either, just a deep shadow is enough.


The band of the lashes is good and slim, but I am a little finicky about removing the glue after removal and I did not try to wash them this time as I have spoilt one pair from Kryolan already.  When I did try to remove the glue from these, a couple of hair came out and the lash band was bent at one place, so be careful.


You also might need to cut them as these are big. Now, coming to the catch!These costed me Rs. 500, but DO NOT come with a glue! What a drawback.  I am still on the lookout for a glue, but as of now, the Konad glue is doing very fine with all my lashes, but the tube is small. So, buy these only if you have a glue arranged already.  Removing it is fine since I use my Konad glue for these. I heard Kryolan has a separte glue sold for Rs. 700, so might check that out too!

Last Word on Inglot False Lashes:


A little rough, dramatic and glue less! You see and decide on the look in case you want to spend Rs. 500 on a pair of lashes, not for beginners though 🙂  Check out the post here to find out what all I used for this EOTD.

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39 thoughts on “Inglot False Lashes: 30 N Review and EOTD

  1. For some reason, I am afraid of falsies. but they do look good on you. Seeing the close up of your eye, I feel using the lash curler on your real lashes before putting the falsies will give a dense look to the eyes. No need of mascara then.

    1. 🙁 yeah ashu i used to have better lashes
      they used to curl well and mascara was enough
      i dont wear mascara now i hate the removal process 😛
      and yet to try these when i go out 🙂

  2. Loved ur eye make up a lot neha! And these lashes r so natural when worn… Now i wanna try falsies myself 🙂

      1. MAC and Inglot both sell this duo adhesive for 1000 bucks which seems to be pretty popular you can buy it on shopat majorbrands also..Even I have a pair from inglot in 18s and it is pretty similar to the konad ones as it has that cris-cros thingy and it was for 320rs…

        1. wow nice revu thm
          thnks sophia im deffo going to to buy the glue
          its been weighing on my mind but need to go out n get one 😛

  3. Very good review on the lashes, Neha! Thanks for being so quick on it 🙂

    The lashes look lovely & natural on you. I’m sure you can rock them, day or night, with such beautiful eyes & eye makeup 🙂

    As for the glue, I think most of the professional makeup companies (MAC, Make Up For Ever, Inglot, etc) sell it separately. Most YT makeup gurus use the DUO adhesive, which is also sold at these makeup stores. It’s also there on the Major Brands website, in the Accessories category. Check it out if you want to. It’s supposed to be very good, but it’s a bit pricey here.

  4. These are simply beautiful, Neha!!! 🙂 And you have very pretty eyes!
    I do like the look of these better than the regular falsies, because, as you said, these have a more natural look to them.

  5. Wow!! these lashes look so amazing! whenever i see reviews on falsies or tutorials where ppl use falsies, i am so tempted to buy ’em and use them but as you have rightly said it does need courage to carry these off 🙂 thanks for the lovely EOTD and nice review 🙂

  6. I really would love to try out falsies but I’m so unskilled I’m sure I would do a horrid job gluing them on. That is what is inhibiting me!

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