7 Different Ways of Using a Kabuki Brush

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Today I am back with a very interesting article, “7 different ways of using a Kabuki brush”. Read on to know what those unique ways are and how you can add them in your beauty routine.

7 Different Ways of Using a Kabuki Brush

By now, most of us know what a typical Kabuki brush looks like and what it is used for. Still, for curious makeup beginners reading IMBB, I will give a brief description of the Kabuki brush.

Kabuki brush is generally a short handled, dense, fluffy and dome shaped brush which has super soft bristles. It can be made both from synthetic and natural fibers. Some well-known brands that offer Kabukis in India are MAC, Inglot, Bodyshop, Oriflame and Bourjois.

Without wasting any more time I will straightaway list down the ways in which a Kabuki can be used.

1. To Apply Mineral Foundation, Loose Powder And Translucent Powder

7 Different Ways of Using a Kabuki Brush

I will begin with the most common way of using a Kabuki which is, using it for applying mineral makeup and face powders. Generally, big and round Kabukis are used for this particular purpose so as to cover the whole face in minimum time. Kabuki can be quite a substitute for powder brushes isn’t it?

2. To Apply Blush

7 Different Ways of Using a Kabuki Brush

Now, we generally like our typical blush brushes the most when it comes to applying powder blushes. However, when used correctly, a Kabuki can easily replace your blush brush (just wait till you get the hang of it and you will love it just as much). A Kabuki not only helps in depositing the color evenly across the cheekbone but, also makes sure to blend away any harsh lines visible for a soft and feminine look. If you are skeptical about using a Kabuki to apply blush, you can still swirl it all over your cheekbone after using your blush brush to fade away any harsh lines that may be visible.

3. To Apply Liquid Foundation

7 Different Ways of Using a Kabuki Brush

Yes girlies, you read it right. You can definitely use a Kabuki (with a flat top) to apply liquid foundation by blending it in a circular motion. Applying foundation with the help of a Kabuki gives you that desired airbrushed effect without spending much time and money. For a more detailed tutorial on this technique, please checkout our beloved Rati’s supercool tutorial, “How to apply liquid foundation with a flat top Kabuki”.

4. To Apply Bronzer

7 Different Ways of Using a Kabuki Brush

Firstly, load your Kabuki with some bronzer. Tap off the excess on the back of your hand and swirl the brush with the leftover product on the parts of your face wherever you wish to apply bronzer (like forehead and chin). This Kabuki way of applying bronzer ensures that your bronzer is evenly distributed, blended in properly and it also makes your complexion look sun kissed.

5. For Highlighting And Contouring

7 Different Ways of Using a Kabuki Brush

Now, this might sound bizarre to some of you who own a typical Kabuki brush (the round and fluffy one). However, there are some differently angled Kabukis available out there that fit in different areas of the face and help in achieving a perfectly chiseled Barbie face. So if you are into contouring (which is quite a rage these days) you might as well want to check out these brushes. Go grab your set of contouring Kabukis today girls!

6. Concealing Under Eye Dark Circles

7 Different Ways of Using a Kabuki Brush

By now, you all must be thinking that I am really crazy. Trust me, there’s a pointy Kabuki available out there which you must own to conceal your under eye area like a pro! A pointy Kabuki can be used for contouring too.

7. As A Body Brush

7 Different Ways of Using a Kabuki Brush

Now this way of using a Kabuki is no rocket science but, mere common sense. Since, most kabukis are large, fluffy and dense they cover maximum area in minimum time. Therefore, you can use a Kabuki to apply foundation or loose powder to the exposed areas of your body like chest, neck, cleavage and maybe back too while wearing deep necklines.

If this post caught your fancy and you want to add some more Kabukis to your collection or buy your first Kabuki, you can also checkout the compilation of “15 Kabukis to choose from” by Neha.

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    1. Thank you so much Rati. You know what, I first came to know about Kabukis after reading your review on Bodyshop’s Kabuki brush. 😀 we people on IMBB learn so much from you every now and then.

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